La Maison d’Oncle Max

Copyright: © 2012
Author(s): Nicole Fandel
Formats: Softcover, Workbook, and eTextbook
Pages: 97 Pages

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La Maison d’Oncle Max is the perfect first book for your intermediate French students. We meet the characters in Paris during their rendition of “Vive Les Vacances!” Summer vacation has just begun, and “les cinq” are headed for the South of France to celebrate their graduation. But odd things keep happening. Chasing clues wherever they may lead, the sleuths introduce your students to geography, history, culture, and new vocabulary as they try to solve the mysteries: Where is Uncle Max? Why are they being followed? And who is hiding in the shadows?

Designed to keep your students reading instead of flipping through the dictionary, La Maison d’Oncle Max builds a strong foundation for independent reading. Students develop the skills of approaching a text actively: spotting cognates, detecting English roots, and learning meanings through context. The supplemental Cahier d’Activités hones grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary with exercises for every chapter. Additional activities include compositions, oral work, timelines, and internet research.

Contemporary themes, simple syntax, humor, lively dialogues, and a cast of characters they can connect with engage your students in an authentic and accessible French narrative.

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    • Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-877653-32-2)
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    • Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-877653-29-2)

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