ACTFL 2019

Washington, DC

Here is everything you need to know about Wayside at ACTFL! Check back often for more information about our events, presentations, free resources, and more! 



A sneak peek at our proficiency resources



As we prepare for this year's ACTFL conference, we look forward to sharing some of our latest proficiency resources with teachers. We hope these resources will help with your classroom instruction and maybe make your life just a little bit easier! 

Here is a sneak peek of some of what we'll offer—and you can get a head start by downloading them early now! Hey, one less thing to carry in your bag! 

  • Spanish & French Classroom Expressions to help you and your students stay in the target language
  • Spanish & French Lesson plan from EntreCulturas and EntreCultures
  • How to make the case for teaching for proficiency for your advocacy goals

Download them all now! 

Your vote, your bag, yours at ACTFL


We've been thinking a lot about what to put on our canvas bags for this year's conference. Inspired by the many language advocates we have met over the past year and by the location of this year's ACTFL, we decided to go with an advocacy theme: Speak Up for Languages. Is there a better message to carry around with you everywhere you go? We think not. 

Our talented designers came up with three choices and we'll let you pick the winning design because we think they are all beautiful. So vote for the design that you would like to see in November and we'll bring it with us to Washington, DC. If you picked up one of our bags last year, you know that these are heavy-duty, environmentally friendly bags that fit just about anything you want to throw into them. 

Can't make it to ACTFL this year? Vote anyway and we'll raffle off 5 bags. 

Contest closes October 15, 2019. 



Speak up for language education


At Wayside we believe it's important to show up and take a stand on issues that matter. And to us, advocating for language learning matters.

We invite you to join us as we speak up for languages by creating a community of teachers and learners who can make an impact on policies around access to language education. 

Your stories will become the part of an archive and might be featured at ACTFL to promote the benefits and joys of world language learning and teaching.

Find out how and watch some examples

Looking back and looking ahead


We loved meeting you and learning with you at ACTFL 2018 in New Orleans and we can't wait to see you in Washington, DC! Let's take a moment to look back on last year's conference. 





Free proficiency resources

We are excited to see you at booth #811 during this year's ACTFL conference.

We understand if you are too excited and can't wait to see the free resources we'll be offering.

Lucky you, we are offering a sneak peek! So what are you waiting for?