Wayside announces summer webinar series

The four-part series will focus on EntreCulturas, the new program for Spanish 1, 2, 3

Wayside Publishing is thrilled to announce its 2017 summer webinar series on EntreCulturas: Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures.

Wayside Publishing Instructional Specialists Debbie Espitia and Lindsey Colling will present the webinars throughout June, July, and August, providing an opportunity for all educators curious about how EntreCulturas works. 

Espitia is a veteran teacher with more than 30 years' experience under her belt. At local, state, and national levels, Debbie has designed and led a variety of workshops for teachers and administrators on topics, such as differentiation, student engagement, language production, and instructional technology. She is also the lead author on EntreCulturas 3, which means webinar attendees will get an insider's perspective on this exciting new program!

Colling has taught all levels of Spanish and has served at the District Coordinator for the International Languages department in the Olathe School District in Kansas. Lindsey was instrumental in the development and launch of the Kansas Seal of Biliteracy. She has developed many presentations on topics including flipped/blended learning, teaching in the target language, and comprehensible input.

The pair will be sharing the innovative pedagogy behind Wayside's new Spanish 1, 2, 3 program, EntreCulturas: Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures. Register for free by clicking below. Each of the four topics will be presented three times throughout the summer.

Summer webinar series from Wayside Publishing


 June 13

 July 11

 August 23 (4 p.m.)

August 23 (7 p.m.)


Webinar 1: An introduction to EntreCulturas (and our obsession with backward design)

Join us for an overview of the highlights of EntreCulturas as you make plans for the 2017/18 school year. Become familiar with the components of each unit and examine the various resources available to students and teachers. Gain additional strategies for introducing new content, accessing authentic resources, applying new skills, and assessing performance. 

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June 15

July 13

August 24 (4 p.m.)

August 24 (7 p.m.)


Webinar 2: The catalytic effect of authentic resources 

You know the value of authentic resources—now delve into the effect. In this webinar, attendees will experience how the EntreCulturas series offers ready-to-use authentic resources to introduce and build vocabulary and language structures. Topics include the three modes of communication, the authentic resources found in EntreCulturas, and more. 

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June 21

July 18

August 30 (4 p.m.)

August 30 (7 p.m.)


Webinar 3: Beyond traditional testing: What you must know about IPAs and rubrics

If you want to learn more about how well students can use the language in culturally authentic contexts, this is the session for you. Join us in examining the various types of formative and summative assessments included in the EntreCulturas program, and why they are so effective. We will talk about the administration of assessments and suggestions for using those holistic and analytic rubrics, too. 

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June 22

July 20

August 31 (4 p.m.)

August 31 (7 p.m.)


Webinar 4: Let's get digital: Online workbooks, student portfolios, and eBooks 

Did you know Wayside has its own learning management system? We’ll travel through EntreCulturas Explorer, the online resource center, plus take a look at FlexText, Wayside’s eBook platform. In Explorer, we’ll show you Mi portafolio, a place for students to upload evidence that follows them year-to-year. Other topics include assigning and grading tasks, providing feedback, facilitating online communication, and supporting student self-reflection. 

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Note: Recordings of past webinars can be requested by emailing listening@waysidepublishing.com


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Dates and times are subject to change.