Now available for purchase: Scandite Muros!

Purchasing and digital sampling for the new APĀ® Latin textbook is here

Wayside Publishing, known for its line of quality textbooks for the AP® level student of language, has just released its first Latin title, Scandite Muros, created to provide students and teachers with a new way to learn and teach sight-reading on the AP® Latin Exam and beyond. 

Scandite Muros author Jane Lienau has been a Latin and Greek teacher at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, Maine, since 1992. During her years there, she has more than doubled the size of the program and built a thriving Advanced Placement® program.

She has served as an AP® grader, and her AP® syllabus is one of four model syllabi offered to teachers on the AP® Central Latin exam site. Lienau has served on two NEASC accreditation teams in the state, and currently heads her school’s curriculum committee. She holds a Master's of Education degree from the University of Massachusetts.

“My chief goal in writing Scandite Muros has been to help more students have an easier time reading Latin, and therefore a more enjoyable time,” Lienau said upon the release of her book. “When a student earns her first '5' on her daily sight grade (the highest grade), the look on her face is priceless. And hearing 21st century high schoolers exclaim their love of Vergil is music to my ears.”

Scandite Muros’  book chapters are organized via multiple strategies to help students become more successful, including a discussion of how to move to using more authentic Latin texts. These strategies are organized in order of importance/effect for students. For teachers, there are author introductions and essays to support teaching about the cultural and historical context of the selection, which is incredibly important to activating student background knowledge and increasing success in sight reading.

A unique feature of Scandite is the inclusion of 20 passages in the book that are aligned with the AP® Curriculum to help students practice sight reading for the exam.

Scandite Muros is different from most Latin texts in that it deals solely with sight-reading. Its purpose is to offer students with an intermediate knowledge of Latin grammar and syntax the tools they need to “up their game,” to begin reading authentic Latin texts with confidence and fluency.

Scandite focuses on the elements of Latin that cause inexperienced readers the most difficulty. Lienau studied and tracked these elements from years of listening to students sight-read. Each chapter uses authentic Latin passages specifically selected to provide students with maximum practice on the element featured.

According to the AP® Central College Board website, the AP® Latin Language and Culture Development Committee members “play a critical role in the preparation of the Course Description and exam for AP® Latin.”

Scandite Muros Explorer, a digital compilation of student and teacher resources, completes the program. Scandite Muros is available to sample digitally. Visit the Scandite Muros page on for purchase options.