A Propos - August 2019

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The case for interculturality; EntreCultures 1 for middle school; look inside EntreCultures 3; tips for connecting with French teachers online.  Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

A propos

Ideas and resources for your French classroom

In this issue:

  • Making the case for interculturality
  • More paths to proficiency for your novice learners
  • 5 tips for making the most of online learning communities

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Bon cours,

In case you missed it: Making the case for interculturality

We loved meeting so many of you at this year’s AATF conference in Philadelphia. 

In case you missed EntreCultures coauthor Ed Weiss’ presentation on interculturality, you can catch up with his latest post on our blog, where he argues that there is no way to replicate the experience of living in a country where the target language is spoken. 


More paths to proficiency for your novice French learners

We launched our groundbreaking French language program, EntreCultures 1 and 2, this summer. Now we are pleased to introduce EntreCultures 1A and 1B in a new special edition for middle schools and for schools that use non-traditional scheduling. 

EntreCultures 1A (novice-low to novice-mid) and EntreCulturas 1B (novice-mid to novice-high) allow greater flexibility for classrooms to complete the first year of French over a longer period of time. The topics, resources, and themes are relevant and appropriate for middle school students and an overlapping unit between the two editions allows for continuity.


Take a peek inside EntreCultures 3

EntreCultures 3 will take your students’ proficiency and knowledge of French culture to the pre-AP® level. Covering engaging topics like friendships, the effects of digital media, and healthy habits, EntreCultures 3 integrates a diverse variety of authentic resources that drive the cultural contexts for communicative tasks. 

EntreCultures 3 will be available in late 2020, but you can take a peek inside now!


5 tips for making the most of online learning communities

Do you ever feel isolated as you plan, grade, or build relationships with your students? Fortunately, there are thriving world language teacher communities online, ready to lend support. Ashley Uyaguari, host of the Inspired Proficiency podcast series, collected her best tips for finding and making the most of these communities. 


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