EntreCultures 3 reimagines intermediate French

July 27, 2020

EntreCultures 3 reimagines intermediate French

Relevant rigor that pushes learners farther

It’s been only a year since the revolutionary EntreCultures 1 and 2 entered French classrooms. Early responses have been so positive that Wayside Publishing has launched level 3 of the program with an expedited online/print release!

EntreCultures 3 offers Level 3 classrooms an unprecedented blend of proficiency-based pedagogy and best practice strategies that align with ACTFL standards, every state’s DOE standards, and correlate with both AP® and IB themes.

For learners, content of EntreCultures 3 could not have arrived at a more appropriate time. Units 1 and 2 revolve around identity and digital citizenship, with relevant subtopics that can support learners in processing the world around them. Students this fall will have opportunities to reflect on how teens’ perspectives and independence have been impacted by recent events, and to research how social media and remote learning have varied across the Francophone world through authentic resources created for teenage French learners, by native French speaking peers.

And of course, all of this communication is transpiring in French! Vocabulary and grammar are taught in context, with communicative tasks that reinforce language meaning, pronunciation, and structure.

For teachers, EntreCultures 1,2,3 have all been updated this summer to include tools that will support remote instruction, classroom delivery, or a blend. New to EntreCultures:

  • Differentiated formative assessments to guide customization to each learner’s progress
  • An Instructional Strategies Toolkit with 100+ activities that can be filtered by proficiency level, communication mode, age appropriateness, learning style, and more
  • A revamped gradebook with improved functionality, faster navigation, and improved viewing
  • A new YouTube channel packed with “how-to” tutorials, Learning Site tips, and more
  • New integration options including nearly any learning management system
  • Practical guides on how to adapt EntreCultures units around COVID-19 disruptions this fall

Experience the cutting-edge EntreCultures today.



EntreCultures 3 giveaway, a success!

In celebration of EntreCultures 3's launch, Wayside gave away the Ultimate French Proficiency Library, consisting of EntreCultures 3, our entire French line, a class set of student subscriptions, and more. Congratulations to our three winners, drawn randomly on August 24th: 

Grand Prize: Claudia McGuigan

Gift bag prize: Erica Boston

EntreCultures 3 Teacher Edition prize: Denise (Jeanne) Miller

EntreCultures is purposeful, pedagogy-aligned, and classroom-tested. 

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