In case you missed it: Watch our Poolside Proficiency series now

Don't despair if you missed our smashing summer webinar series focusing on teaching for proficiency! The archived version of our Poolside Proficiency series is now available! Here is a quick summary of the four episodes: 

The basics: What does a proficiency-driven language program look like? 
Let's discuss interculturality, using vocabulary and grammar in context, unit goals, essential questions, authentic resources, measuring students’ performance, and much more with our French and Spanish programs as our guide.

Authentic resources: Where to find them, how to use them
Authentic resources can be used to build vocabulary and language structures. We'll share some strategies on how to use these resources to teach vocabulary and grammar in context and keep instructors and students in the target language.

Beyond traditional testing: IPAs and rubrics
Explore types of formative and summative performance-based assessments, and holistic and analytic rubrics. Connections will be made to how assessments can evaluate student language usage in culturally authentic contexts.

Integrating technology: Online tools to support your instruction
Digital textbooks, grading and feedback tools, online classroom forums and more—take our Learning Site for a spin and receive free access for further exploration after the webinar.

Watch all four now!