Learning Site Newsletter - June 2020

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Resources and remote teaching reflections amidst the COVID pandemic

Dear educators

As the school year is coming to a close, what lessons have you learned? Have you discovered anything new about yourself as a teacher? What will you do differently next year?

In this issue:

  • Read: We will never be the same educators (hopefully)
  • Watch: Introducing our Instructional Strategies Toolkit 
  • Try: Activities to build trust in your (virtual) classroom
  • Attend: Ongoing training sessions for EntreCulturas and EntreCultures

Happy Teaching!
The Wayside Publishing Team 

We will never be the same educators (hopefully)

"What have we learned from this pandemic? What have we found out about ourselves as educators and about our students? What message has this situation of change and isolation brought to our teaching lives? Will we be the same educators once we return to 'normal' school? Will we have the same students we had before schools were closed? Has the world changed?"

Diego Ojeda is back on the blog, asking the important questions as we close the school year.

Explore our Instructional Strategies Toolkit

Empower students to lead with language and take your instruction to the next level with activities from our Instructional Strategies Toolkit. Filled with strategies for everything from cooperative learning, engaging heritage speakers, to staying in the target language, you can browse the toolkit by skill, proficiency level, or activity type.

Watch how it works and then request a 30-day sample of any of our language programs to give the toolkit a try!

Activities for building trust

Elena Giudice teaches French and Spanish and found during the past few months that building trust in the virtual classroom is just as important as it is in the real classroom. In this blog post she lists her favorite activities, modified for remote teaching.

Live training for EntreCulturas, EntreCultures users

Are you implementing EntreCulturas or EntreCultures in your classroom this fall? Find out everything you need to know to get started with our cornerstone Spanish and French programs during our repeat summer training sessions. 

EntreCulturas and EntreCultures training sessions

Get to know our Spanish language program EntreCulturas and French program EntreCultures. We will talk about how units are set up, how assessments work, what authentic resources you will find and how to use them, and how to navigate FlexText. 

Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one).

Learning Site training

We will help you get familiar with the tools and resources found on the Learning Site. Learn how to get started, how to navigate your dashboard, assign tasks, grade, view student portfolios, and more! 

Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one).

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