Proficiency Insider - September 2019

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Proficiency Insider

Bold ideas and practical resources for your language classroom

Hi educators,

Welcome to this month's edition of the Proficiency Insider, your go-to source for everything you need to take your language instruction to the next level. In this issue:
  • Help your students take a risk
  • Speak up for languages
  • Catch up with us at a fall language conference
  • Watch a video on how to use our new proficiency trackers

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Happy Teaching!


Help your students take a risk


Because you can’t learn a language without making mistakes: Spanish teacher and blogger Elena Spathis suggests that putting the right supports in place helps students take a risk in the language classroom.

Your voice matters

You can help make a difference in language education! We are collecting stories from teachers like you who are on the front lines of teaching the next generation of global citizens. Tell us how and why you became a language teacher or about the role languages play in your life and become a part of a growing community of language advocates.

On the road with Wayside

It's our favorite time of the year! We are packing our bags and hitting the road to meet with language teachers across the country. We can't wait to meet you at a language conference in your area. Stop by for free digital samples, get your questions answered about proficiency-driven instruction, and pick up a cute owl sticker.


Proficiency trackers

Help your students track their growth and their performance toward proficiency with our new proficiency trackers, now available on the Learning Site. Available for both our Spanish series EntreCulturas and our French series EntreCultures, you can use the trackers by downloading and printing them from the Learning Site or assign them online for each unit and for the entire year. 

Here's a brief tutorial with our digital specialist Jen Cornell, who walks you through how to find and implement the trackers, using EntreCulturas as an example. 


Not familiar with our Learning Site yet? Sign up now to explore our Spanish and French series, including the Proficiency Trackers, or to sample any of our other language programs.


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