Wayside launches new Learning Site

In preparation for the new year, Wayside Publishing’s Learning Site team developed and recently launched a new version of our much-loved online Learning Site, which provides access to integrated and supplemental resources like audios and videos.

New features include faster navigation, a new grading section, activity notifications, a new dashboard, the ability for teachers to invite students to their courses—and to help you adjust, we’ve created a training “wizard” to take you through all the changes.

Learning Site

“We are now in a position to begin building and implementing the list of feature and functionality requirements we have compiled, as well as dreaming up new functionality to ‘wow’ our users,” Wayside Publishing’s IT Manager Deb Penham says.

“After spending the last few weeks stabilizing the launch (fixing bugs and implementing a few missing elements) we are most excited about what the future holds for the Learning Site.”

Send feedback on the new Learning Site to support@waysidepublishing.com.