Totidem Verbis - August 2021

Insights From Leaders, Insiders, And Your Peers

Starting back and moving forward

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Totidem verbis

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Latin classroom


Hello educator,


We hope this newsletter finds you rested, refreshed, and ready for the school year ahead! For this edition of Totidem Verbis, we chose helpful and engaging resources to help ease your transition back. Whether you have already started your year or still have a few weeks to go, sit back and enjoy this selection, curated just for you.

In this issue:


  • GAINING insights into Latin Imperial power
  • LEVELING the playing field
  • GIVING your students some CRED
  • BEING kind to the most important person in the world - you!
  • EXPLORING Learning Site® enhancements created with you in mind


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!


Beatus doctrina,


Imperial Power in the Latin World Lecture Series

Anthony Smart, lecturer of Ancient & Medieval History at York St. John University, York, England, has organized a lectures series about the complexities of Imperial power in the Latin world. Designed for students who might be new to Classics and Ancient History, the lectures range from Augustus and Nero to soldiers and barbarians. They are bite-sized, too, running from twenty minutes to an hour, perfect for a classroom activity or homework assignment. While the series began in July, all past lectures are on YouTube. Click here for the descriptions and links.


Language Levels the Playing Field

If you have not tuned into the podcast It’s About Language, we suggest you explore the diverse conversations between “leaders in the humanities and sciences, business, and social outreach” and host Norah L. Jones. The most recent episode’s guest is none other than Wayside’s Jen Carson! From lawyer to French and Spanish teacher to author and leader in the world language field, Jen has had a varied but intentional career path. Nowadays, one of Jen’s roles is as curriculum coordinator for Wayside, guiding teams of authors as they collaboratively develop online and print resources.


In their conversation, Jen explains how language levels the playing field. She explores how her role as a lawyer helped her see world language acquisition as a social justice issue because “everyone deserves respect and access to the world. World language classes are where cultural sensitivity and global competence are cultivated.”


YCRED is InCREDible!

Youth C.R.E.D is a free, international, one-day virtual event designed for teen world language learners. The focus of YCRED is to help learners:

  • Develop strategies to continue language learning and become credentialed
  • Leverage their language learning for college and job opportunities
  • Link to college language departments as well as others around the world for bilingual conversations

To find out more, mosey on over to the YCRED site. Registration is quick, easy, and free!


Being Kind to Yourself

5 Tips For Setting Boundaries This School Year

We all know one of the hallmarks of being a good teacher is setting and holding boundaries for our students, in and out of the classroom. But after more than a year of upheaval and uncertainty, perhaps it's time we look at those we set for ourselves. Elena Spathis writes in her newest blog post, “5 Tips For Setting Boundaries This School Year.” The good news is they all involve being kind to yourself!


Lessons Learned from Hybrid and Remote Teaching

If you were a teacher last year, you know how confusing, exhausting, and all-around challenging of a year it was. In her newest blog post, “Lessons Learned,” teacher and writer Elena Spathis shares her takeaways from the lessons she learned as a teacher over the past year. Her insights (#1 is Let it go!) are perfect for all teachers heading into this next school year, so do yourself a favor and take a look!


The Learning Site® Spotlight

New Features and Enhancements: Wayside continually strives to enhance our user experience with the Learning Site®. Simplified intuitive enrollment and a new search bar in Explorer® are just two of the new features and enhancements. View our 11.1 Learning Site® Update video to see all of them – you will be thrilled!