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Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom

Dear educators:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Ya sabes, your go-to source for everything you need to take your Spanish language instruction to the next level. In this issue: 

  • Get creative by incorporating art and music into your lessons
  • Find out how to make the most of online learning communities
  • Preview the upcoming addition to the EntreCulturas series
  • Watch as the authors of Triángulo APreciado talk proficiency

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Salvador Dalí meets Lady Gaga

“One of the most effective ways to elicit emotion-driven learning in our language classes is through the universal medium of art,” says EntreCulturas 4 coauthor Cecilia Herrera. In our latest post on the Wayside Blog, she explains how she brings together Salvador Dalí’s art and Lady Gaga’s music and performances for an engaging and relevant classroom activity. 


5 tips for making the most of online learning communities

Do you ever feel isolated as you plan, grade, or build relationships with your students? Fortunately, there are thriving world language teacher communities online, ready to lend support. Ashley Uyaguari, host of the Inspired Proficiency podcast series, shares her best tips for finding and making the most of these communities. 

Peek inside EntreCulturas 4

Prepare your learners for the rigors of the AP® Spanish exam and beyond with the AP®-style tasks in EntreCulturas 4. EntreCulturas 4 is designed so that students engage with content in a sequence that drives retention; connect with meaning through vocabulary and grammar discovery; and participate in classroom communication that is real and relevant. EntreCulturas 4 is packed with authentic resources, vocabulary and grammar exploration, and opportunities to develop intercultural awareness.



Triángulo APreciado authors talk about the new sixth edition

Did you know?

The new edition of Triángulo APreciado is the ONLY proficiency-driven advanced Spanish textbook that includes and meets all of the latest College Board updates and requirements for the AP® Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

Triángulo APreciado has all of the AP® test preparation you would expect without having to teach only to the test. Triángulo APreciado prepares students to go beyond a successful exam. It prepares them to communicate with their neighbors in a grocery store, to understand global issues from an intercultural perspective, and to participate in adulthood as a global citizen. 

We recently talked to Triángulo APreciado authors Frank Masel and Lou Baskinger who gave us some inside details on what makes this new edition so special. 



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