Ya Sabes - October 2019

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Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom

Hi educators,

Welcome to this month's edition of Ya sabes, your go-to source for everything you need to take your Spanish instruction to the next level. In this issue:
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with authentic activities
  • Explore a new resource for your pre-AP® students
  • Speak up for languages
  • Get the latest news about Spanish culture and language
  • Watch a video about our new proficiency trackers

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Beyond the piñatas


Spanish teacher and #langchat cofounder Diego Ojeda takes a hard look at Hispanic Heritage Month. In his latest post on our blog, he encourages us to do better and move beyond tacos and fiestas. 


A new resource for your pre-AP® students

The latest addition to our popular Spanish series, EntreCulturas 4 is filled with AP®-style tasks, practice exams, and simulated conversations for practicing interpersonal communications—all designed for the intermediate-mid to intermediate-high level learner.

EntreCulturas 4 will be available in 2020, but you can sample the first unit now! 

Your story matters

You can help make a difference in language education! We are collecting stories from teachers like you who are on the front lines of teaching the next generation of global citizens. Tell us how and why you became a language teacher, or about the role languages play in your life, and become a part of community of language advocates.

Últimas noticias

The latest news about Spanish language and culture

OPINION: Foreign languages should be respected not feared 

With over 350 languages spoken in the United States alone, Lauren Briggs makes the case for bilingualism as a means of connecting and understanding.  

Spanish edition of ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ out next month 

Delia Owens’ highly acclaimed coming-of-age story, “Where the Crawdads Sing”, hits shelves next month in a Spanish-language edition. 

A good Spanish teacher will help kids lean into a rich culture 

Columnist Emily Parnell reflects on how Spanish class took her on a voyage to new cultures.  

Proficiency trackers

Help your students track their growth and their performance toward proficiency with our new proficiency trackers, now available on the Learning Site. Download and print from the Learning Site or assign online for each unit and for the entire year. 

If you are an EntreCulturas pro, find these under the Content tab in the Proficiency Resources folder on the Learning Site. Here's a quick tutorial to walk you through the steps. 


Haven’t implemented EntreCulturas yet? Request a sample now and see everything our Learning Site has to offer. 

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