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02-13-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, Teacher Resources, Author Spotlights
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A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators

Welcome to the latest issue of A propos! In this issue: 

  • Find out how to scaffold the speaking skills of your intermediate learners
  • Take a look at what makes language authentic
  • Download free tools to support all learners in your classroom
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Bon cours,

What do you give the students who want to say everything? 

"I know what to say, I just don't know how to say it" was the refrain French teacher Erin Gibbons heard from her intermediate students a lot. Her students were bursting with ideas but got frustrated when their language skills couldn't keep up. So Erin came up with some strategies to provide them with the same scaffolds she provides her younger learners.

3 basic principles about authentic language 

When Elizabeth Zwanziger arrived for her year of study abroad in France, she quickly realized that after more than 6 years of studying the language, she could not order food or understand her host family's everyday conversations.

Now a world language teacher education professor at the University of Iowa and the coauthor of EntreCultures, she looks back on her early experiences with learning French and outlines the 3 principles that guide authenticity in language teaching.

Proficiency-driven tools for your classroom 

Take a peek at some of the free proficiency-driven supporting materials we offer to make your life in the classroom easier. 

  • Classroom expressions handout in Spanish and French to help keep your students in the target language
  • Free lesson plans (in Spanish and French)
  • 5 reasons to teach for proficiency—a free download to make the case for proficiency-driven instruction.
  • Strategies for supporting heritage learners
  • Tips on integrating differentiated instruction
  • How to cultivate interculturality in your classroom

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Language Advocacy Day 2020

02-03-2020  All News, The Wayside Way, Interculturality
Join us for Language Advocacy Day and speak up for language education in your community Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

The first steps to becoming a language advocate

Hi educators,

We are excited to once again sponsor Language Advocacy Day 2020. Organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL), Language Advocacy Day (LAD) is part "lobby-day" and part full-day policy forum that brings together national representatives concerned about the state of language learning in the U.S.

Want to get involved? Watch this brief video with JNCL Managing Director Trey Calvin on how to take the first steps towards becoming a language advocate. Then download our handy guide to some of the easy things you can do right now to advocate for access to language education.

Can't make it to LAD this year? Follow us on Twitter February 6-7 to get an insider's look at the events of the day and to see how teachers across the country #speakupforlanguages.

Show your advocacy colors

Show your commitment to language advocacy by adding a Speak Up badge to your Facebook profile. Visit the Wayside page or search for Speak Up for Languages here.

'Inclusion is not just checking off boxes'

What makes a language program truly inclusive? How can we ensure that all students feel represented? How do we keep an open conversation with teachers to learn about the ever-shifting landscapes of their classroom? These are some of the questions we wrestle with in our latest Proficiency Talks blog post and we give you an insider's look at what goes into making sure that our world language programs represent and speak to all students in your classroom.

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