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05-12-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, Teacher Resources, Comprehensible Input
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A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators,

Welcome to the spring edition of A propos, your go-to source for everything you need to continue to support your students in their remote learning. In this issue:

  • New lesson plans for your French learners, modified for remote teaching
  • 10 tips for providing comprehensible input when teaching remotely
  • Instructional videos for getting the most out of our French series
  • Join our Proficiency Talks LIVE Facebook events
What other remote teaching supports would you find helpful? We would love to hear from you.

Bon cours,

Free lesson plans for your French learners 

We just created two new lesson plans in French, focused on high-interest topics for units that you might be tackling this time of the year in French 1 and French 2. Download them both now as free PDFs! 

EntreCultures 1, Unit 5: Le temps libre

EntreCultures 2, Unit 5: Des conseils pour une vie saine

10 tips for providing comprehensible input 

CI classrooms are active and highly interactive spaces, with students acting or drawing as they hear or read narratives, responding to Personalized Questions and Answers (PQA), responding to input with rejoinders, showing thumbs up/down to indicate comprehension, etc., as teachers present language in context. But how can you do these things and “teach to the eyes” if you are teaching asynchronously or only see tiny images of students for short times via Zoom?  

We have collected 10 tips from authors, teachers, and colleagues in the world language education field for the best way to continue to provide comprehensible input to your learners.

Instructional videos for remote learning 

Do you have questions about teaching grammar in context or performance-based assessments? Subscribe to our Learning Site knowledge base playlist for videos on those topics, along with using the Learning Site classroom forum, authentic resources, and more!

If you are using a Wayside language program with your learners, be sure to check out and download the Learning Site app! It gives you full Learning Site functionality, including recording audio and video on your iPhone or iPad. You can find it in the Apple App store. Android users do not require an app because you can enjoy all the functions of the Learning Site, including recording audios, through a mobile browser. Wayside recommends Chrome.

Join Proficiency Talks LIVE! 

Join the conversation as we discuss the latest pedagogical thinking about language learning, interculturality, advocacy, leadership, and other issues impacting world language teachers on our Proficiency Talks Live Facebook group! 

Our next event will take place Thursday, May 14, at 4:30 p.m. ET. Classroom teacher Elena Spathis and Instructional Strategist Jennifer Carson will share tips and tricks for promoting mindfulness in the classroom—virtual or real. 

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