Ya Sabes - July 2021

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Kick back and relax


Art by Hamadi Sanchez

Ya Sabes

Bold Ideas and Practical Resources for your Spanish Classroom

Hi educators,


We hope you are reading this while sitting by a pool, or while enjoying a bit of air conditioning as you rest on a comfy couch. Our aim in this summer edition of Ya Sabes is to give you ideas to tuck away for when you start thinking about next year’s lesson plans. So, read, learn, and then save for later. For now, kick back and relax!

Each day, the Wayside Team works to create tools and resources to support your proficiency journey. In this issue:


  • Enjoy Latino Film School Shorts

  • Learn tricks for using the Learning Site®

  • Discover a band with a powerful voice

  • Read one teacher’s pandemic-year take-away

  • Locate the bees and the butterflies with new E-courses


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!



Film School Shorts Celebrating Latino Heritage

PBS has a long history of telling stories from varied perspectives, with the goal of enriching viewers' lives. This mission continues with the presentation of Film School Shorts, a series showcasing projects by young filmmakers. The Latino Heritage Collection includes five film shorts by Latino filmmakers or about Latino culture, and we have added one more because it belongs in this collection. So, grab your popcorn, find a comfy spot, and enjoy their fresh takes.

La Graduacion

9m 33s

Expiration Date

4m 29s

Dia de los Muertos

3m 29s

We are the Immigrants

6m 38s

A Doctor's Job

9m 59s

Dios Nunca Muere

13m 30s


Let's Learn About the Learning Site®

Wayside’s Learning Site® is an amazing tool for educators, whether you are teaching in the classroom or from home. But sometimes, you just do not know how to use a certain feature, and you may not even know where to get help. Fortunately, we have you covered! Did you know there are tutorials specifically for teachers and for students? You can find them in any of your Explorer® courses and on our YouTube page. And if you have suggestions for other tutorials you would like to see, please hit us up here!

LS Teacher Tutorials
LS Student Tutorials

Diggin' the Beats - ChocQuibTown!

There is so much great music in the world, but it is not very often that you hear of a Columbian Afro-Caribbean hip hop, reggae, pop group with such a positive message and eclectic discography. The bouncy beats and fun tunes have made ChocQuibTown an internationally known group you can feel good about turning your students on to. To get a sense of their style, check out their Tiny Desk Concert, on NPR.org.

Watch Video

Lessons Learned from Hybrid and Remote Teaching

New on the Proficiency Talks Blog: Elena Spathis explores both the challenges and rewards of the profoundly exhausting and confusing pandemic school year in her newest blog post Lessons Learned from Hybrid and Remote Teaching. Though she acknowledges the difficulties, she has learned lessons from which we can all benefit. To read all of her blog posts and those by all of our bloggers, subscribe here!


New E-course Titles from Fluency Matters


Monarch butterflies migrate as far as 3,000 miles each year! Is it just ‘instinct’ that drives these small and delicate creatures to fly from the U.S. and Canada to Michoacán, México? Is it a mere coincidence that millions of butterflies return to Michoacán, or is there another force that drives them to arrive… just in time for the Day of the Dead? As Teresa and her grandmother prepare the family’s altar to honor their Mazahua ancestors, Teresa discovers an incredible secret.

Papálotl E-course

Abejas exploradoras

Explorer bees, Gabriela and Isabela, generally do typical chores… until one day, the Queen Bee sends for them! The queen has a special job for Gabriela and Isabela, and the future of the bee colony depends on them. With enemies in their path and unpredictable obstacles along the way, they fearlessly attempt to fulfill the queen’s request and face an even greater challenge: do they stop to save someone who almost undermined their success and the entire future of their colony?

Abejas E-course