A Propos - September 2020

French Newsletter
09-23-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, All News, Remote Teaching, Teacher Resources, Learning Site, Grading

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A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom


Hi educators,


As you continue to find the most efficient and learner-centric way to teach French in a changed environment, we have compiled some resources to support you.


  • Explore exclusive remote learning & teaching tools

  • Binge watch the three custom video playlists for French educators

  • Read our brand new blog post - 5 technology tools to try in the 2020-2021 school year

  • Learn about our latest Learning Site® enhancements and improvements


We would be remiss not to give a congratulatory shout out to our winners of last month’s French Proficiency Library Giveaway: Claudia McGuigan, Erica Boston, and Denise Miller. We hope to offer a similar giveaway later this school year. What would be your dream prize? We would love to hear from you!


Bon cours,


The Wayside Publishing Team


Exclusive Remote Learning & Teaching Tools

Relax and read: Videos and articles to remind you to breath, and a collection of free resources you can download and utilize in lessons next week!


Our top recommendations from the Wayside YouTube Channel

They are like potato chips, bet you can't eat just one! We’ve compiled three video playlists for binge-watching at your convenience.

EntreCultures Playlist –Demos for French educators of how to use every section of the program, including Learning Site® tools connected to EntreCultures features.


Best Practices in Proficiency Playlist – In just one hour, this collection of brief point-by-point videos provide a primer on some of the most important proficiency principles.

Learning Site  Knowledge Base Playlist – Let’s talk tech! Browse a playlist of tips and tutorials curated for educators that will help you maximize your Learning Site® experience.

Ya Sabes September 2020

09-16-2020  All News, Authentic Resources, Heritage Language Learners, Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, The Wayside Way, Teacher Resources, La Casa De Eduardo
Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month! Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your classroom

Dear educators,

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 - Oct 15)!

"Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana" is a period for recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the US. We have some great resources to help celebrate!

  • Cook along with Wayside's very own Eduardo and Maurice
  • Read two well-timed blog posts - Beyond the piñatas, and We all speak a dialect 
  • Download our effective strategies for engaging heritage learners

The Wayside Publishing Team

New! La Casa de Eduardo


Need to disconnect after a long day at school? Our team recommends cooking therapy, and just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. Wayside is proud to launch a new cooking series, La Casa de Eduardo.

In this first episode, Eduardo – a former teacher turned Wayside Account Representative, teaches his remote colleague Maurice how to cook making the famous Mofongo de Puerto Rico (a popular side dish). Enjoy this step-by-step guide punctuated by plenty of banter. (Language: Spanish)

Want to cook along with the video at home? Grab the ingredients in advance!

Mofongo de Puerto Rico Ingredients:

  • 2 cups of vegetable oil for frying the plantain
  • 3 green plantains
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 5 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Optional garnish: Cilantro

Beyond the Piñatas

Renowned Spanish teacher and cofounder of #langchat on twitter, Diego Ojeda takes a hard look at Hispanic Heritage Month and encourages us to do better and move beyond the tacos and fiestas. 

We All Speak a Dialect

As learners listen to authentic resources or interact in the real world, they’re bound to hear different dialects. As Curriculum Coordinator Jennifer Carson notes in her most recent blog post, “Just as it is important to respect students’ accents, so it is equally important to recognize and demonstrate respect for different dialects, including students’ home dialects.” Read more about her philosophy, and the research she bases it on, in this timely post.

Strategies for Engaging Heritage Learners

Wayside recognizes that students in North American classrooms come from increasingly diverse backgrounds, and that a growing number of them are heritage learners. These students may have varying levels of exposure to the target language and/or its cultures in their homes or communities. We can help! Be sure to download these effective strategies for engaging heritage learners.

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Ya Sabes - August 2020

Spanish Newsletter
08-04-2020  Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, New Products, Teacher Resources, All News
Explore EntreCulturas 4 and read some of the latest and greatest hits from Proficiency Talks
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Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your classroom

Dear educators,

Summer is winding down and we are looking forward to another year of learning—whatever that may look like at your school. We have some great resources to get you ready for what comes next!

  • Catch up on our Poolside Proficiency webinar series
  • Read our latest blog posts on how to recharge and declutter your mind and curriculum  
  • Get to know EntreCulturas 4 and enter our giveaway

The Wayside Publishing Team 

ICYMI: Catch up on Poolside Proficiency

In case you missed it, we just posted the recordings from our Poolside Proficiency webinar series! Catch up on all three webinars at your leisure: 

Let Go to Move Forward  

Declutter your curriculum

Using a Learning Management System to design online learning experiences

Ideas for recharging and decluttering

In a two-part blog series, Jen Carson and Michelle Olah bring you a treasure-trove of ideas for decluttering your mind and your curriculum for the coming school year. To make the most of these blog posts, watch their webinar on the same topic

Are you implementing a proficiency-driven language program in your classroom this year? Learn about the pains and joys from Spanish teachers Elena Giudice and Holly Morse. 

What are you favorite ways to recharge before school starts? Latin teacher Maureen Lamb shares how she is getting ready for the ups and downs of the coming school year. 

EntreCulturas 4 is here!

EntreCulturas 4 is here and we are celebrating! We are giving one lucky educator a chance to win our entire proficiency-based Spanish line!

Grand prize will include:

  • Online and print editions of EntreCulturas 1,2,3,4, Triángulo APreciado and Azulejo
  • A class set of online subscriptions to the Spanish title of your choice!

Exciting runner up prizes include an EntreCulturas 4 gift bag including Spanish classroom readers, and print Teacher Edition of EntreCulturas 4!

Contest ends August 7, 2020.

Get your digital sample of EntreCulturas 4 or our entire Spanish line and see what the buzz is about!


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Ya Sabes - July 2020

Spanish Newsletter
07-01-2020  Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, Teacher Resources, Events
It's not too late to sign up for Poolside Proficiency 2020! Join our summer book club, take a survey, and get free digital samples! Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your classroom

Dear educators,

We hope that you are having a relaxing summer! As you start to think about what the fall will look like, we are excited to bring you some helpful resources.

  • Attend our Poolside Proficiency webinar series
    Browse instructional videos, guides that help you bridge the gap from last year, and free digital samples 
  • Join the Proficiency Talks summer book club
  • Take a survey if you are using EntreCulturas

The Wayside Publishing Team 

Poolside Proficiency starts tomorrow! 

It's not too late to register for free for our Poolside Proficiency series starting tomorrow, July 9! Whether you are using a Wayside language program or not, this webinar series offers useful insight and advice as you plan for the fall and beyond. 

Let Go to Move Forward  
Thursday, July 9, 3:00 ET 

The end of the 2019-2020 school year was not what anyone had planned. As teachers look forward to the 2020-2021 school year there are a lot of questions regarding curriculum and lesson planning. In this webinar, a panel of diverse stakeholders, including a Wayside author, an Instructional Strategist, a Curriculum Coordinator and two classroom teachers, discuss how to start off the next school year without feeling like you have to "hurry up and catch up."

Declutter your curriculum 
Thursday, July 16, 3:00 ET 

How do we make deliberate instructional choices so we can better support students' target language proficiency and ignite their passion for learning? In this panel discussion we will explore how to declutter your curriculum and lessons in order to focus on what is essential for student language proficiency.

Using a Learning Management System to design online learning experiences
Thursday, July 23, 3:00 ET

A Learning Management System can enable classrooms to transform what students and teachers can do with instruction. These platforms can help increase student engagement and allow for differentiation as we look to bridge gaps between content, pedagogy, technology, and training. In this webinar, we will discuss how using a Learning Management System can expand your classroom and open new doors of opportunity for learning. Our panel will include Wayside Publishing's Digital Specialist for Innovation & Instructional Technology and a district coordinator for Instructional Technology.


Digital samples, instructional videos, and more!

Curious about Wayside language programs and the supporting materials we offer? You can sample our groundbreaking EntreCulturas series for 30 days!

You may be facing a unique situation this year in which you did not finish the previous level of EntreCulturas and are concerned about how you are going to start with the next level. These crosswalk documents are designed to help you bridge the gap.

We have created an expansive instructional video library around EntreCulturas—from introducing the basics of the series, to more in-depth looks at assessment, authentic resources, Learning Site tools, and more! 

Browse our library of activities related to Spanish songs for your mid- to intermediate-high Spanish learners.

¿Dónde jugarán los niños?
La bicicleta
La gozadera
Madre Tierra
Soy yo
Te mueves tú, se mueven todos
Todo a un clic
Vive a tu manera

Summer book club

It's not too late to join the conversation! Visit Proficiency Talks Live to talk about Simon Dowling's book Work with me: How to get people to buy into your ideas.

We are posting a daily question and will discuss the book live on August 6.


Your opinion counts!

Are you using EntreCulturas 2 with your students? We want to hear from you as we develop our next language series. 

The purpose of the ¿Te acuerdas? section in units of EntreCulturas 2 is to explore the new unit theme using prior knowledge. By activating this knowledge, students can easily access the new theme using familiar vocabulary and structures, and teachers can identify and fill gaps in understanding before encountering new content. How is this section working for your learners? How could their experience with this section be improved? Weigh in via this two minute survey.

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Learning Site Newsletter - June 2020

06-01-2020  Learning Site, Remote Teaching, Teacher Resources
Explore our Instructional Strategies Toolkit, build trust in the virtual classroom, attend one of our training sessions. Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Learning Site News

Resources and remote teaching reflections amidst the COVID pandemic

Dear educators

As the school year is coming to a close, what lessons have you learned? Have you discovered anything new about yourself as a teacher? What will you do differently next year?

In this issue:

  • Read: We will never be the same educators (hopefully)
  • Watch: Introducing our Instructional Strategies Toolkit 
  • Try: Activities to build trust in your (virtual) classroom
  • Attend: Ongoing training sessions for EntreCulturas and EntreCultures

Happy Teaching!
The Wayside Publishing Team 

We will never be the same educators (hopefully)

"What have we learned from this pandemic? What have we found out about ourselves as educators and about our students? What message has this situation of change and isolation brought to our teaching lives? Will we be the same educators once we return to 'normal' school? Will we have the same students we had before schools were closed? Has the world changed?"

Diego Ojeda is back on the blog, asking the important questions as we close the school year.

Explore our Instructional Strategies Toolkit

Empower students to lead with language and take your instruction to the next level with activities from our Instructional Strategies Toolkit. Filled with strategies for everything from cooperative learning, engaging heritage speakers, to staying in the target language, you can browse the toolkit by skill, proficiency level, or activity type.

Watch how it works and then request a 30-day sample of any of our language programs to give the toolkit a try!

Activities for building trust

Elena Giudice teaches French and Spanish and found during the past few months that building trust in the virtual classroom is just as important as it is in the real classroom. In this blog post she lists her favorite activities, modified for remote teaching.

Live training for EntreCulturas, EntreCultures users

Are you implementing EntreCulturas or EntreCultures in your classroom this fall? Find out everything you need to know to get started with our cornerstone Spanish and French programs during our repeat summer training sessions. 

EntreCulturas and EntreCultures training sessions

Get to know our Spanish language program EntreCulturas and French program EntreCultures. We will talk about how units are set up, how assessments work, what authentic resources you will find and how to use them, and how to navigate FlexText. 

Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one).

Learning Site training

We will help you get familiar with the tools and resources found on the Learning Site. Learn how to get started, how to navigate your dashboard, assign tasks, grade, view student portfolios, and more! 

Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one).

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