A New Partnership in World Language Education

Wayside Publishing and Fluency Matters
05-18-2021  All News, Comprehensible Input, New Products

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Wayside Publishing and Fluency Matters Announce Partnership

We're Expanding Access and Content for World Language Teachers

Dear Educators,

Wayside is proud to announce our new partnership with Fluency Matters! As we join forces, we hope you will be excited to see all the new offerings we can provide to you! More learner-centricity, more support, and more sharing of best practices and industry knowledge mean you will have even more tools to guide your students to proficiency.

The Fluency Matters library of Comprehension-based readers, audio resources, and e-learning materials have already attracted a large network of collaborative and like-minded educators. Their accessible and engaging materials offer many ways to supplement Wayside’s proficiency-based programs!

This fall, you will see our teams come together to offer new resources to communities while maintaining the Fluency Matters and Wayside Publishing niches you love. Fluency Matters' vision for empowering language learners and sharing diverse cultural perspectives is a perfect complement to Wayside’s focus on proficiency and interculturality. We are certain the synergy of these two teams will result in one powerhouse duo! We are proud to be part of this growing community of dedicated educators and look forward to transforming world language education together!

To learn more about Fluency Matters and how they can help you, mosey on over and check them out!

Please email us with any questions you may have.

In partnership,


Ya Sabes - August 2020

Spanish Newsletter
08-04-2020  Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, New Products, Teacher Resources, All News
Explore EntreCulturas 4 and read some of the latest and greatest hits from Proficiency Talks
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Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your classroom

Dear educators,

Summer is winding down and we are looking forward to another year of learning—whatever that may look like at your school. We have some great resources to get you ready for what comes next!

  • Catch up on our Poolside Proficiency webinar series
  • Read our latest blog posts on how to recharge and declutter your mind and curriculum  
  • Get to know EntreCulturas 4 and enter our giveaway

The Wayside Publishing Team 

ICYMI: Catch up on Poolside Proficiency

In case you missed it, we just posted the recordings from our Poolside Proficiency webinar series! Catch up on all three webinars at your leisure: 

Let Go to Move Forward  

Declutter your curriculum

Using a Learning Management System to design online learning experiences

Ideas for recharging and decluttering

In a two-part blog series, Jen Carson and Michelle Olah bring you a treasure-trove of ideas for decluttering your mind and your curriculum for the coming school year. To make the most of these blog posts, watch their webinar on the same topic

Are you implementing a proficiency-driven language program in your classroom this year? Learn about the pains and joys from Spanish teachers Elena Giudice and Holly Morse. 

What are you favorite ways to recharge before school starts? Latin teacher Maureen Lamb shares how she is getting ready for the ups and downs of the coming school year. 

EntreCulturas 4 is here!

EntreCulturas 4 is here and we are celebrating! We are giving one lucky educator a chance to win our entire proficiency-based Spanish line!

Grand prize will include:

  • Online and print editions of EntreCulturas 1,2,3,4, Triángulo APreciado and Azulejo
  • A class set of online subscriptions to the Spanish title of your choice!

Exciting runner up prizes include an EntreCulturas 4 gift bag including Spanish classroom readers, and print Teacher Edition of EntreCulturas 4!

Contest ends August 7, 2020.

Get your digital sample of EntreCulturas 4 or our entire Spanish line and see what the buzz is about!


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A Propos - June 2020

French Newsletter
06-01-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, New Products, Remote Teaching, Events
Sample new units of EntreCultures 3, watch our Facebook Live event about French in Louisiana Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter.

A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators,

As this strange school year comes to a close, we hope you will find our blog post on end-of-year rituals in the virtual classroom helpful. In this issue of A propos you will also find: 

  • New sample units of EntreCultures 3
  • A recap of our Facebook Live event focusing on French in Louisiana
Do you have ideas for future Facebook live events? We would love to hear from you.

Bon cours,

Sample Units 1-3 of EntreCultures 3 


Take your French students to intermediate-low proficiency and get them closer to AP®-level tasks with EntreCultures 3. The textbook will be available later this summer, but you can sample the first three units now!

Unité 1: Ma vie et moi
Unité 2: Cituyenneté numérique
Unité 3: Je me prends en charge

Covering engaging topics like the rights and responsibilities of digital citizenship, interacting with different cultures, and planning for the future, these units feature French-speaking video bloggers from Sénégal, Martinique, and Belgium. 

The EntreCultures series gradually introduces learners to AP®-style tasks, and in level 3 practice is more frequent. In your sample access, open up a Teacher Edition FlexText® and note how the exercises connect communicative unit goals to AP® themes, and incorporate authentic resources.

Digital tools like Learning Site Classroom Forum and flipped classroom video help maximize time for communicative practice in the real or the virtual classroom.  

End-of-year rituals for the remote classroom 


In the absence of the usual end-of-year rituals, from student showcases to final project presentations, how can we celebrate the achievements of our learners? 

Catalina Bohorquez has been teaching virtually for a long time and in our latest blog post she shares some of her ideas for ending the school year on a high note.

French in Louisiana 


In case you missed our Proficiency Talks Live event on Facebook recently, here is your chance to rewatch this fascinating panel discussion. Learn about the history of French in Louisiana, about the efforts to preserve this heritage, and the future of the language and the region.

Be sure to join our Proficiency Talks Live Facebook group to find out about upcoming events, including this week's topic, Distance Learning: What's Next? The discussion starts Thursday, June 4, at 4:30 p.m. ET.

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Ya Sabes - April 2020

Spanish Newsletter
04-30-2020  Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, Teacher Resources, New Products, Events, All News, Assessment
Preparing for the AP® Spanish exam, explore differentiated formative assessments in EntreCulturas 4, free lesson plan and webinar. Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your classroom

Dear educators,

There are a lot of unknowns this spring, including when it comes to thinking about and planning for assessment. We put together this issue of Ya sabes with a focus on the tools and resources you need to make this time of the year less stressful.

In this issue you will find:

  • The first 3 units of EntreCulturas 4 and the formative assessments included in the units
  • A free lesson plan adapted for remote teaching, focusing on sustainable communities
  • Tips for using Triángulo APreciado to prepare your students for the AP® Spanish exam
  • An instructional video on using formative and summative assessments in the EntreCulturas series.

The Wayside Publishing Team 

New units & assessments in EntreCulturas 4

EntreCulturas 4 is coming to classrooms this fall, with an innovative approach to differentiated formative assessments that will get a clear picture of learner progress as they complete AP®-style tasks!

Each unit provides authentic resources and activities to help learners answer the essential questions. You’ll see the familiar En camino, along with the ¿Qué aprendiste?  formative assessments and the new differentiated assessment items for ¿Qué aprendiste?

These differentiated formative assessments are single-task, AP®-like activities. They focus on a single mode of communication in a pre-AP® task format and over the course of each unit all four interpersonal and presentational modes are assessed. On the Learning Site you will find differentiated versions of each assessment: one at the on-target proficiency level, one at the level above, and one at the level below. The above-level version contains a modified prompt allowing students to take their language to the next level, while the below-level version provides support to bring those students who need it up to the targeted level.

The two new units we just added to the Learning site include: 

Unidad 2: La Creatividad
Essential questions explored:

  • How is artistic creativity a form of cultural expression?
  • How are universal themes reflected in various forms of art?
  • How does design reflect cultural identity?
  • How does globalization impact what we wear? 
Unidad 3: Las Identidades
Essential questions explored:
  • What can we learn from historical figures?
  • How can an individual transform history?
  • What elements shape our identity?
  • How do language and traditions contribute to form a cultural identity?
When you sample EntreCulturas 4, you will get access to all of the Learning Site content, including the formative assessments, authentic resources, and more. 


Lesson plan: Creating sustainable communities

Check out this free lesson plan from EntreCulturas 3 for intermediate-low to intermediate-mid learners. We have adapted it to work for you right now as you teach remotely, using the Learning Site's Classroom Forum feature or Google Classroom.

Performance-based assessments and rubrics

Watch this brief overview from instructional strategist Cristin Bleess as she walks you through the performance-based assessments in EntreCulturas and explains why it's important for students to be able to show what they can do with the language.

Sign up now for our upcoming webinar on assessment and feedback: 
Assessment and Feedback that Lead to Continued Learning
April 14, 3:00 - 4:30 pm EDT

Preparing for the modified AP® exam

Last week, The College Board revealed its modified 2020 exam structure, in which learners will have 45 minutes to complete two free response questions (FRQs).

See what this means for you and your students if you have—or haven't—been using Triángulo APreciado. 

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Ya Sabes - October 2019

Spanish Newsletter
10-10-2019  All News, Teacher Resources, Learning Site, New Products, Heritage Language Learners, Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter
Authentic activities for Hispanic Heritage Month, explore a new resource for your pre-AP® students, speak up for languages, and more Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom

Hi educators,

Welcome to this month's edition of Ya sabes, your go-to source for everything you need to take your Spanish instruction to the next level. In this issue:
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with authentic activities
  • Explore a new resource for your pre-AP® students
  • Speak up for languages
  • Get the latest news about Spanish culture and language
  • Watch a video about our new proficiency trackers

What would you like to read about? We'd love to hear from you



Beyond the piñatas


Spanish teacher and #langchat cofounder Diego Ojeda takes a hard look at Hispanic Heritage Month. In his latest post on our blog, he encourages us to do better and move beyond tacos and fiestas. 


A new resource for your pre-AP® students

The latest addition to our popular Spanish series, EntreCulturas 4 is filled with AP®-style tasks, practice exams, and simulated conversations for practicing interpersonal communications—all designed for the intermediate-mid to intermediate-high level learner.

EntreCulturas 4 will be available in 2020, but you can sample the first unit now! 

Your story matters

You can help make a difference in language education! We are collecting stories from teachers like you who are on the front lines of teaching the next generation of global citizens. Tell us how and why you became a language teacher, or about the role languages play in your life, and become a part of community of language advocates.

Últimas noticias

The latest news about Spanish language and culture

OPINION: Foreign languages should be respected not feared 

With over 350 languages spoken in the United States alone, Lauren Briggs makes the case for bilingualism as a means of connecting and understanding.  

Spanish edition of ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ out next month 

Delia Owens’ highly acclaimed coming-of-age story, “Where the Crawdads Sing”, hits shelves next month in a Spanish-language edition. 

A good Spanish teacher will help kids lean into a rich culture 

Columnist Emily Parnell reflects on how Spanish class took her on a voyage to new cultures.  

Proficiency trackers

Help your students track their growth and their performance toward proficiency with our new proficiency trackers, now available on the Learning Site. Download and print from the Learning Site or assign online for each unit and for the entire year. 

If you are an EntreCulturas pro, find these under the Content tab in the Proficiency Resources folder on the Learning Site. Here's a quick tutorial to walk you through the steps. 


Haven’t implemented EntreCulturas yet? Request a sample now and see everything our Learning Site has to offer. 

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