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ICYMI: Catch up on Poolside Proficiency

06-16-2020  All News, Events, Featured Post

In case you missed it, you can now watch all three webianrs in our Poolside Proficiency summer webinar series! 

Let Go to Move Forward  

The end of the 2019-2020 school year was not what anyone had planned. As teachers look forward to the 2020-2021 school year there are a lot of questions regarding curriculum and lesson planning. In this webinar, a panel of diverse stakeholders, including a Wayside author, an Instructional Strategist, a Curriculum Coordinator and two classroom teachers, discuss how to start off next school year without feeling like you have to "hurry up and catch up."

Panelists include: 
Helen Small – Curriculum Coordinator
Debbie Espitia – Instructional Strategist
Erin Gibbons – Author - EntreCultures 2, 4
Tanya Meinecke Smith, Teacher (Emery Weiner School)
Alexis Buschert, Teacher (Tigard-Tualatin School District)

Watch here in case you missed it! 


Declutter your curriculum 

How do we make deliberate instructional choices so we can better support students' target language proficiency and ignite their passion for learning? In this panel discussion we will explore how to declutter your curriculum and lessons in order to focus on what is essential for student language proficiency.

Panelists include: 
Jennifer Carson – Curriculum Coordinator
Michelle Olah, Instructional Strategist
Chris Hayes, Teacher (Upper Arlington)
Christi Gilliland, District Supervisor (Williamson County Schools)

Watch here in case you missed it! 



Using a Learning Management System to design online learning experiences

A Learning Management System can enable classrooms to transform what students and teachers can do with instruction. These platforms can help increase student engagement and allow for differentiation as we look to bridge gaps between content, pedagogy, technology, and training. In this webinar, we will discuss how using a Learning Management System can expand your classroom and open new doors of opportunity for learning. Our panel will include Wayside Publishing's Digital Specialist for Innovation & Instructional Technology and a district coordinator for Instructional Technology.

Watch here in case you missed it! 

Live Training for EntreCulturas and EntreCultures

06-10-2020  All News, Featured Post, Events

Are you implementing EntreCulturas or EntreCultures in your classroom this fall? Find out everything you need to know to get started with our cornerstone Spanish and French programs during our ongoing summer training sessions. We recommend that you register for both a program training session and a Learning Site training session. 

Please note: This training is useful to teachers who are implementing one of our language programs this fall. If you are not yet a user but would like to find out more about our language programs, email


EntreCulturas and EntreCultures program training sessions

Join our Instructional Strategists for a training on EntreCulturas and EntreCultures. We will talk about how units are set up including teaching vocabulary in context, using the discovery process to teach grammar, performance assessments, and more.

Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one, the same content is repeated in each session).



Learning Site training sessions

Join our Instructional Strategists for a training on the Learning Site. We will help you get familiar with the tools and resources found on our online platform. Learn the ins and outs of using Explorer, FlexText and Portfolio and how to integrate them into your instructional practice.

Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one, the same content is repeated in each session).


Event: Wayside Publishing is hitting the road!

09-06-2019  All News, Events, Featured Post

Come see us in the exhibit hall: 

Be sure to visit our booth at one of these events to find out about our latest products, get free digital samples, or pick up a cute owl sticker or magnet! Stay tuned for our list of instructional strategy sessions and other events at several of these conferences. We can’t wait to meet you! 

Upcoming conferences:  

October 3-5 

FLAVA, Williamsburg, VA 

October 17-19 

FFLA, Orlando, FL 

October 17-19 

TFLA, Houston, TX 

October 24-26 

PSMLA, State College, PA 

October 24-26 

FLANC, Winston-Salem, NC 

October 24-26 

MaFLA, Springfield, MA 

October 24-26 

ICTFL, Naperville, IL 

October 31-November 2 

NYSAFLT, Saratoga Springs, NY 

October 31-November 2 

WAFLT, Appleton, WI 

November 22-24 

ACTFL/NADSFL, Washington, D.C.  




Speak Up for Languages

08-12-2019  All News, Events, Featured Post

Speak Up for Languages

Do you remember that moment when languages just "clicked" for you? When you realized languages would always be a part of your vocation? When languages made an impact on your life and the lives of others?

We would love to hear your story! Tell us why languages are important to you, why you decided to learn or teach languages, and how languages changed your life. Submit a video or a written story to be included in our Speak Up for Languages collection to be launched later this year at an event at ACTFL. 

Thank you in advance for your story, and for all that you do to enrich your students' lives through world language instruction. 




In case you missed it: Watch our Poolside Proficiency series now

07-09-2019  All News, Events, Featured Post

Don't despair if you missed our smashing summer webinar series focusing on teaching for proficiency! The archived version of our Poolside Proficiency series is now available! Here is a quick summary of the four episodes: 

The basics: What does a proficiency-driven language program look like? 
Let's discuss interculturality, using vocabulary and grammar in context, unit goals, essential questions, authentic resources, measuring students’ performance, and much more with our French and Spanish programs as our guide.

Authentic resources: Where to find them, how to use them
Authentic resources can be used to build vocabulary and language structures. We'll share some strategies on how to use these resources to teach vocabulary and grammar in context and keep instructors and students in the target language.

Beyond traditional testing: IPAs and rubrics
Explore types of formative and summative performance-based assessments, and holistic and analytic rubrics. Connections will be made to how assessments can evaluate student language usage in culturally authentic contexts.

Integrating technology: Online tools to support your instruction
Digital textbooks, grading and feedback tools, online classroom forums and more—take our Learning Site for a spin and receive free access for further exploration after the webinar.

Watch all four now!