Totidem Verbis - June 2021

Latin Newsletter
06-09-2021  All News, Author Spotlights, Totidem Verbis Latin Newsletter, Teacher Resources

Cold drinks and warm sunshine optional

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Totidem verbis

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Latin classroom

Hello educators,


The school year is winding down, and summer is right around the corner. While some teachers cannot wait to think only of cold drinks and warm sunshine, we know Latin teachers are insatiable when it comes to learning. You have a hearty appetite for knowledge, and you are dedicated to finding new ways to pass that knowledge to your students. So, Wayside is always on the hunt for the most effective, most engaging resources for you and your students! In this issue:


  • BUILDING mental highways - Learn how these strategies can be used in any language, but especially with Latin!

  • WAITING lists for Latin class - Learn how Wayside author Jane Lienau packs her classes using Spartacus and stickers

  • EXPLORING these 5 links worth sharing - Resources for learning and teaching Latin and the Classics

  • JAMBOARD - Five ways to use a virtual whiteboard in your Latin classroom

  • TAKING a path less traveled to the AP® - Sight-reading with Scandite Muros


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!


Beatus doctrina,


Building Mental Highways With Latin

On the Proficiency Talks blog, by Alex Terwelp: “When children are born, they develop roughly 80% of their brain capacity by age two. Adolescents’ brains grow to fill out the remaining 20%. After teaching for a few years, I began to realize that my 7th graders did not have the highways built yet, and the construction would continue into their early twenties. I recognized it was my job to be the brain foreman for as much time as I had them in class. After this epiphany, I stuck my foot in the door of my school’s student support office because I knew my role as a Latin teacher was more than teaching Latin. However, I soon realized that Latin did me the favor of supporting my students in the development of executive functioning skills – Latin is the vehicle that brings these skills to my students.”


Waiting Lists for Latin Class


Latin educator and Wayside author Jane Lienau has a waiting list of students wanting to sign up for her Latin class, and anyone looking for academic fluff need not apply. The students are reading some of the giants of western literature—Virgil, Ovid, Catullus—who wrote of human joys and sorrows two thousand years ago. Seeing the enthusiasm and rigor this teacher and her students bring to Latin class is nothing less than inspiring. Learn how she keeps her classes packed by using stickers and Spartacus!


5 Latin Links Worth Sharing 

Resources for learning and teaching Latin and the Classics:

  1. ScorpioMartianus – a YouTube channel entirely in Latin and Ancient Greek
  2. Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum – SALVI’s mission is to promote communicative approaches to Latin language acquisition, making the entire body of Latin literature and its legacy more available to—and enjoyable for—students, teachers, and the general public.
  3. The Latin Library – a comprehensive library of Latin texts that are in the Public Domain
  4. Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast – a weekly Latin podcast on varying subjects
  5. Textkit Greek and Latin Forums – a Classical Language Learning Forum

Jamboard – A Virtual Whiteboard for Your Latin Classes

On the Proficiency Talks blog, by Maureen Lamb: "At its core, Jamboard is a virtual collaborative whiteboard. Within that whiteboard, there are options to add many things, including backgrounds, text, shapes, images, screen shots, and sticky notes. Individual Jamboards are called Jams, and you can have up to 20 Jams going at a time. I find it easy to assign students to Jams by adding sticky notes indicating which student or group of students is assigned to each. Curious to know what you can do with a Jamboard? I lay out five of my favorite ways to use it."


The Path Less Traveled: Sight-Reading

Latin educator and author Jane Lineau thought creatively when she wrote Scandite Muros. Not only does it uniquely focus on sight-reading, but it also provides a flipped-classroom approach that can be adapted to blended, virtual, or in-person semesters. Scaffolding Scandite techniques led Jane to grow one of the largest Latin programs in Maine, with students seeing both AP® exam success and long-term reading skill development. Explore a free sample of this intermediate and advanced Latin favorite.

Free Sample

Ya Sabes - October 2020

Spanish Newsletter
10-28-2020  Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, Teacher Resources, Authentic Resources, All News, La Casa De Eduardo, Author Spotlights

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Eat, Sleep, and Crave Authentic Resources?


Ya Sabes

Bold Ideas and Practical Resources for Your Language Classroom


Hi educators,


Authentic resources are a core component of proficiency-driven language instruction, so they are always on our minds. How do we find authentic resources that are relevant and engaging for instruction? How do we celebrate the authenticity of our own culture in daily life? And how do textbook authors incorporate authentic resources into curriculum design? We are delighted to explore these questions, and more, with you.


  • READ – A blog series break down of authentic resource best practices
  • COOK – Watch this authentic cooking lesson created for aspiring cooks, recorded in the target language
  • CONSIDER – How authors combined authentic resources, communicative based tasks, and more, into the design of our AP® Spanish text
  • REQUEST – Wayside's instant 30-day full content review


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!




Authentic Resources Are Accessible

New on the Blog: In a series of three blog posts, instructional strategist Debbie Espitia breaks down the best practices of incorporating authentic resources into lessons. Read her first two parts today, and subscribe to our language learning and teaching blog, Proficiency Talks, to get the third post automatically emailed to your inbox next Tuesday!.


Authentic Resources are Delicious

New Video Episodes: Before Eduardo Rodriguez became a Wayside Language Solutions Specialist, he was riveting learners as a classroom teacher – and if you watch these cooking lessons, you will understand why! These entertaining demonstrations may inspire you, or your intermediate-advanced learners, to whip up a delicious example of an authentic dish!


Authentic Resources are Deliberate

In the video series How We Wrote This, Wayside's Triangulo APreciado author Frank Masel breaks down the approach the authors took when creating this indispensable AP® Spanish program.

Frank Masel's study of World Language education includes a B.A. in Spanish with a French Minor from Berea College, and an M.A. in Teaching with a Concentration in Spanish Language from Eastern Kentucky University. His classroom experiences include teaching Spanish 1, 3, and AP® levels in Kentucky and Maryland, teaching English at a bilingual elementary school in Spain, and instructing college students as an adjunct professor.

Masel currently teaches a variety of levels of Spanish and French at Catonsville High School just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, he sponsors the high school's International Club and a service-learning club. Outside of the classroom, Masel is a Table Leader for the AP® Spanish Language and Culture exam.


Free Test Drive! Request a Complimentary Digital Review

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A Propos - February 2020

French Newsletter
02-13-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, Teacher Resources, Author Spotlights
Supporting your intermediate French learners, what makes language authentic, and free downloads for your classroom.  Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators

Welcome to the latest issue of A propos! In this issue: 

  • Find out how to scaffold the speaking skills of your intermediate learners
  • Take a look at what makes language authentic
  • Download free tools to support all learners in your classroom
Are you enjoying A propos? Tell us what you would like to read about!

Bon cours,

What do you give the students who want to say everything? 

"I know what to say, I just don't know how to say it" was the refrain French teacher Erin Gibbons heard from her intermediate students a lot. Her students were bursting with ideas but got frustrated when their language skills couldn't keep up. So Erin came up with some strategies to provide them with the same scaffolds she provides her younger learners.

3 basic principles about authentic language 

When Elizabeth Zwanziger arrived for her year of study abroad in France, she quickly realized that after more than 6 years of studying the language, she could not order food or understand her host family's everyday conversations.

Now a world language teacher education professor at the University of Iowa and the coauthor of EntreCultures, she looks back on her early experiences with learning French and outlines the 3 principles that guide authenticity in language teaching.

Proficiency-driven tools for your classroom 

Take a peek at some of the free proficiency-driven supporting materials we offer to make your life in the classroom easier. 

  • Classroom expressions handout in Spanish and French to help keep your students in the target language
  • Free lesson plans (in Spanish and French)
  • 5 reasons to teach for proficiency—a free download to make the case for proficiency-driven instruction.
  • Strategies for supporting heritage learners
  • Tips on integrating differentiated instruction
  • How to cultivate interculturality in your classroom

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A Propos - October 2019

French Newsletter
10-09-2019  A Propos - French Newsletter, Author Spotlights, Learning Site, Authentic Resources, Teacher Resources
The power of authentic resources, speak up for language education, and new proficiency trackers on the Learning Site.  Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators,

Welcome to the latest issue of A propos, your go-to source for everything you need to take your French instruction to the next level. In this issue: 

  • Reflect on the power of authentic resources
  • Speak up for languages
  • Get the latest tidbits about French language and culture
  • Watch a video about our new proficiency trackers

What would you like to read about? We'd love to hear from you!

Bon cours,

The power of authentic resources

French teacher and EntreCultures author Ed Weiss reflects on his experience learning French without access to authentic resources and makes the case for real materials, real tasks, real purpose.

Your story matters

Share your story: how did you become a language teacher? How did languages change your life? Submit your video or written testimonial to join a community of language advocates who can make an impact on policies around access to language education.

Les actualités

The latest news about French language and culture


The Success of French Dual-Language Programs in the U.S. 
Multilingual candidates are increasingly important in today’s economy with French now being the third most sought-after language amongst US employers.   

Why the future of French is African 
African nations are changing the French language and carrying it into the future. 

Film blog: The 20 best French back-to-school movies 
Whether you are looking for a rainy day in-class activity or a Friday night film for yourself at home, check out this list of French back-to-school movies.

Proficiency trackers


Help your students track their growth and their performance towards proficiency with these new proficiency trackers, now available on our Learning Site. Download from the Learning Site or assign online for each unit and for the entire year. 

If you are an EntreCultures pro, find these under the Content tab in the Proficiency Resources folder on the Learning Site.

Watch a brief tutorial with digital specialist Jen Cornell on how to find and use the trackers. 

Haven’t implemented EntreCultures yet?  Request a sample now and see everything our Learning Site has to offer. 

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Ya Sabes - August 2019

Spanish Newsletter
08-28-2019  New Products, Remote Teaching, Author Spotlights, Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter
Welcome to Ya sabes: Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom. Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom

Dear educators:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Ya sabes, your go-to source for everything you need to take your Spanish language instruction to the next level. In this issue: 

  • Get creative by incorporating art and music into your lessons
  • Find out how to make the most of online learning communities
  • Preview the upcoming addition to the EntreCulturas series
  • Watch as the authors of Triángulo APreciado talk proficiency

What would you like to read about? We’d love to hear from you



Salvador Dalí meets Lady Gaga

“One of the most effective ways to elicit emotion-driven learning in our language classes is through the universal medium of art,” says EntreCulturas 4 coauthor Cecilia Herrera. In our latest post on the Wayside Blog, she explains how she brings together Salvador Dalí’s art and Lady Gaga’s music and performances for an engaging and relevant classroom activity. 


5 tips for making the most of online learning communities

Do you ever feel isolated as you plan, grade, or build relationships with your students? Fortunately, there are thriving world language teacher communities online, ready to lend support. Ashley Uyaguari, host of the Inspired Proficiency podcast series, shares her best tips for finding and making the most of these communities. 

Peek inside EntreCulturas 4

Prepare your learners for the rigors of the AP® Spanish exam and beyond with the AP®-style tasks in EntreCulturas 4. EntreCulturas 4 is designed so that students engage with content in a sequence that drives retention; connect with meaning through vocabulary and grammar discovery; and participate in classroom communication that is real and relevant. EntreCulturas 4 is packed with authentic resources, vocabulary and grammar exploration, and opportunities to develop intercultural awareness.



Triángulo APreciado authors talk about the new sixth edition

Did you know?

The new edition of Triángulo APreciado is the ONLY proficiency-driven advanced Spanish textbook that includes and meets all of the latest College Board updates and requirements for the AP® Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

Triángulo APreciado has all of the AP® test preparation you would expect without having to teach only to the test. Triángulo APreciado prepares students to go beyond a successful exam. It prepares them to communicate with their neighbors in a grocery store, to understand global issues from an intercultural perspective, and to participate in adulthood as a global citizen. 

We recently talked to Triángulo APreciado authors Frank Masel and Lou Baskinger who gave us some inside details on what makes this new edition so special. 



Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, AP, and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not Involved In the production of, and does not endorse this product.

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