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July 2020
07-06-2020  Remote Teaching, Learning Site
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What's new on the Learning Site

Digital tools and resources for your classroom


Dear educators,

We have been working hard all summer to make improvements to the Learning Site! We are excited to show off the digital tools we created for your classroom to help empower your students, make grading a breeze, and create a fun learning and teaching environment on- and offline. 

You have access to all of these features through your Learning Site account. If you do not have an account yet, you can request a sample to give them a test drive. 

Enhanced gradebook

Our new and improved gradebook gives you the tools you need to make grading easy and your feedback effective. We have improved how you navigate between student pages, added indicators to show assignments ready to be graded, and more! 

Instructional Strategies Toolkit

Easily accessible from the Learning Site main menu under Learning Tools, these research-based instructional strategies help students stay engaged as they process and produce language. You can browse strategies by mode of communication, skill, proficiency level, or activity type. 

Language Portfolio

Connected to ACTFL-aligned communicative and intercultural Can-Do statements, our Language Portfolio allows students to self-reflect, self-assess, and set goals on their path to proficiency.  The Language Portfolio provides a private, safe space for students to discover what they can do with the language and receive specific feedback about their progress.

Vocabulary Progression

If you are using Triángulo APreciado in your classroom, make sure to take a look at Vocabulary Progression. This new online activity allows students to practice their language skills, gain proficiency, and receive more comprehensible input as they move through the progression.  

Google Classroom, Schoology, and more

We make it easy for you to get the most out of the Learning Site by providing integrations with Google Classroom, Schoology, and more!  

Visit our website to learn more and to stay up to date on our latest Learning Site news!

How to design engaging online learning experiences 

Catch the last installment of our summer Poolside Proficiency webinar series! 

Using a Learning Management System to design online learning experiences
Thursday, July 23, 3:00 ET

A Learning Management System can enable classrooms to transform what students and teachers can do with instruction. These platforms can help increase student engagement and allow for differentiation as we look to bridge gaps between content, pedagogy, technology, and training. In this webinar, we will discuss how using a Learning Management System can expand your classroom and open new doors of opportunity for learning. Our panel will include Wayside Publishing's Digital Specialist for Innovation & Instructional Technology and a district coordinator for Instructional Technology.


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Learning Site Newsletter - June 2020

06-01-2020  Learning Site, Remote Teaching, Teacher Resources
Explore our Instructional Strategies Toolkit, build trust in the virtual classroom, attend one of our training sessions. Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Learning Site News

Resources and remote teaching reflections amidst the COVID pandemic

Dear educators

As the school year is coming to a close, what lessons have you learned? Have you discovered anything new about yourself as a teacher? What will you do differently next year?

In this issue:

  • Read: We will never be the same educators (hopefully)
  • Watch: Introducing our Instructional Strategies Toolkit 
  • Try: Activities to build trust in your (virtual) classroom
  • Attend: Ongoing training sessions for EntreCulturas and EntreCultures

Happy Teaching!
The Wayside Publishing Team 

We will never be the same educators (hopefully)

"What have we learned from this pandemic? What have we found out about ourselves as educators and about our students? What message has this situation of change and isolation brought to our teaching lives? Will we be the same educators once we return to 'normal' school? Will we have the same students we had before schools were closed? Has the world changed?"

Diego Ojeda is back on the blog, asking the important questions as we close the school year.

Explore our Instructional Strategies Toolkit

Empower students to lead with language and take your instruction to the next level with activities from our Instructional Strategies Toolkit. Filled with strategies for everything from cooperative learning, engaging heritage speakers, to staying in the target language, you can browse the toolkit by skill, proficiency level, or activity type.

Watch how it works and then request a 30-day sample of any of our language programs to give the toolkit a try!

Activities for building trust

Elena Giudice teaches French and Spanish and found during the past few months that building trust in the virtual classroom is just as important as it is in the real classroom. In this blog post she lists her favorite activities, modified for remote teaching.

Live training for EntreCulturas, EntreCultures users

Are you implementing EntreCulturas or EntreCultures in your classroom this fall? Find out everything you need to know to get started with our cornerstone Spanish and French programs during our repeat summer training sessions. 

EntreCulturas and EntreCultures training sessions

Get to know our Spanish language program EntreCulturas and French program EntreCultures. We will talk about how units are set up, how assessments work, what authentic resources you will find and how to use them, and how to navigate FlexText. 

Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one).

Learning Site training

We will help you get familiar with the tools and resources found on the Learning Site. Learn how to get started, how to navigate your dashboard, assign tasks, grade, view student portfolios, and more! 

Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings in June and July (click on register to find a date—you only need to attend one).

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A Propos - June 2020

French Newsletter
06-01-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, New Products, Remote Teaching, Events
Sample new units of EntreCultures 3, watch our Facebook Live event about French in Louisiana Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter.

A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators,

As this strange school year comes to a close, we hope you will find our blog post on end-of-year rituals in the virtual classroom helpful. In this issue of A propos you will also find: 

  • New sample units of EntreCultures 3
  • A recap of our Facebook Live event focusing on French in Louisiana
Do you have ideas for future Facebook live events? We would love to hear from you.

Bon cours,

Sample Units 1-3 of EntreCultures 3 


Take your French students to intermediate-low proficiency and get them closer to AP®-level tasks with EntreCultures 3. The textbook will be available later this summer, but you can sample the first three units now!

Unité 1: Ma vie et moi
Unité 2: Cituyenneté numérique
Unité 3: Je me prends en charge

Covering engaging topics like the rights and responsibilities of digital citizenship, interacting with different cultures, and planning for the future, these units feature French-speaking video bloggers from Sénégal, Martinique, and Belgium. 

The EntreCultures series gradually introduces learners to AP®-style tasks, and in level 3 practice is more frequent. In your sample access, open up a Teacher Edition FlexText® and note how the exercises connect communicative unit goals to AP® themes, and incorporate authentic resources.

Digital tools like Learning Site Classroom Forum and flipped classroom video help maximize time for communicative practice in the real or the virtual classroom.  

End-of-year rituals for the remote classroom 


In the absence of the usual end-of-year rituals, from student showcases to final project presentations, how can we celebrate the achievements of our learners? 

Catalina Bohorquez has been teaching virtually for a long time and in our latest blog post she shares some of her ideas for ending the school year on a high note.

French in Louisiana 


In case you missed our Proficiency Talks Live event on Facebook recently, here is your chance to rewatch this fascinating panel discussion. Learn about the history of French in Louisiana, about the efforts to preserve this heritage, and the future of the language and the region.

Be sure to join our Proficiency Talks Live Facebook group to find out about upcoming events, including this week's topic, Distance Learning: What's Next? The discussion starts Thursday, June 4, at 4:30 p.m. ET.

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Learning Site News March 2020

Announcing our Google Classroom Integration!
03-31-2020  Learning Site, All News, Remote Teaching, Teacher Resources
Enjoy all of the Learning Site resources on Google Classroom Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Dear educators,

Create assignments, boost collaboration, provide timely feedback, and more with our latest Learning Site integration with Google Classroom.  

Connecting the Learning Site to your Google Classroom account is a simple, streamlined process. You’ll be able to efficiently and effectively communicate assignments and share links to activities and topics with your students. To use this integration, teachers and students need to be enrolled in an active Wayside language program and have both a Learning Site and a Google Classroom account. No complicated and time-consuming configuration is required.

If you are a current Learning Site user, look for the Share button next to any Learning Site activity. For more information, download our Google Classroom guide and watch a brief video tutorial.

Not using a Wayside program on the Learning Site yet? Request your 30-day sample access now*. 

Happy Teaching!  
The Wayside Publishing Team 

*For students to access Learning Site materials via Google Classroom, each student needs a Learning Site student account or access code. To purchase student access, visit our website, call (888) 302-2519, or email us.
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Ya Sabes - August 2019

Spanish Newsletter
08-28-2019  New Products, Remote Teaching, Author Spotlights, Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter
Welcome to Ya sabes: Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom. Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your Spanish classroom

Dear educators:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Ya sabes, your go-to source for everything you need to take your Spanish language instruction to the next level. In this issue: 

  • Get creative by incorporating art and music into your lessons
  • Find out how to make the most of online learning communities
  • Preview the upcoming addition to the EntreCulturas series
  • Watch as the authors of Triángulo APreciado talk proficiency

What would you like to read about? We’d love to hear from you



Salvador Dalí meets Lady Gaga

“One of the most effective ways to elicit emotion-driven learning in our language classes is through the universal medium of art,” says EntreCulturas 4 coauthor Cecilia Herrera. In our latest post on the Wayside Blog, she explains how she brings together Salvador Dalí’s art and Lady Gaga’s music and performances for an engaging and relevant classroom activity. 


5 tips for making the most of online learning communities

Do you ever feel isolated as you plan, grade, or build relationships with your students? Fortunately, there are thriving world language teacher communities online, ready to lend support. Ashley Uyaguari, host of the Inspired Proficiency podcast series, shares her best tips for finding and making the most of these communities. 

Peek inside EntreCulturas 4

Prepare your learners for the rigors of the AP® Spanish exam and beyond with the AP®-style tasks in EntreCulturas 4. EntreCulturas 4 is designed so that students engage with content in a sequence that drives retention; connect with meaning through vocabulary and grammar discovery; and participate in classroom communication that is real and relevant. EntreCulturas 4 is packed with authentic resources, vocabulary and grammar exploration, and opportunities to develop intercultural awareness.



Triángulo APreciado authors talk about the new sixth edition

Did you know?

The new edition of Triángulo APreciado is the ONLY proficiency-driven advanced Spanish textbook that includes and meets all of the latest College Board updates and requirements for the AP® Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

Triángulo APreciado has all of the AP® test preparation you would expect without having to teach only to the test. Triángulo APreciado prepares students to go beyond a successful exam. It prepares them to communicate with their neighbors in a grocery store, to understand global issues from an intercultural perspective, and to participate in adulthood as a global citizen. 

We recently talked to Triángulo APreciado authors Frank Masel and Lou Baskinger who gave us some inside details on what makes this new edition so special. 



Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, AP, and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not Involved In the production of, and does not endorse this product.

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