A New Partnership in World Language Education

Wayside Publishing and Fluency Matters
05-18-2021  All News, Comprehensible Input, New Products

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Wayside Publishing and Fluency Matters Announce Partnership

We're Expanding Access and Content for World Language Teachers

Dear Educators,

Wayside is proud to announce our new partnership with Fluency Matters! As we join forces, we hope you will be excited to see all the new offerings we can provide to you! More learner-centricity, more support, and more sharing of best practices and industry knowledge mean you will have even more tools to guide your students to proficiency.

The Fluency Matters library of Comprehension-based readers, audio resources, and e-learning materials have already attracted a large network of collaborative and like-minded educators. Their accessible and engaging materials offer many ways to supplement Wayside’s proficiency-based programs!

This fall, you will see our teams come together to offer new resources to communities while maintaining the Fluency Matters and Wayside Publishing niches you love. Fluency Matters' vision for empowering language learners and sharing diverse cultural perspectives is a perfect complement to Wayside’s focus on proficiency and interculturality. We are certain the synergy of these two teams will result in one powerhouse duo! We are proud to be part of this growing community of dedicated educators and look forward to transforming world language education together!

To learn more about Fluency Matters and how they can help you, mosey on over and check them out!

Please email us with any questions you may have.

In partnership,


Ya Sabes - April 2021

Spanish Newsletter
04-21-2021  All News, Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter

Activities and resources to improve your game

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Ya Sabes

Bold Ideas and Practical Resources for Your Language Classroom


Hi educators,


The school year is winding down, and we are bringing you some inspiration to get you to the end of the year and beyond. In this issue of Ya Sabes, we offer some fresh ideas for Día de la Tierra and an exciting new tool. Plus, introducing the 2021 Webinar Season!

Each day, the Wayside Team works to create tools and resources to support your proficiency journey. In this issue:


  • Tap your toes with a fun music video and incorporate a little nature into your classroom

  • Learn about the exciting new tool for EntreCulturas 1 and 2

  • Register for one or more complimentary webinars

  • Take a free test drive


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!



Día de la Tierra Activities for a Fresh Perspective

Springtime means we are getting outside more, enjoying the beauty the Earth provides. With Día de la Tierra upon us, it is a great time to focus on how we can sustain the beauty we experience!

Are your novice and intermediate students working on a unit about Día de la Tierra? Why not incorporate this awesome music video by Rockalingua? The tune is catchy, on-screen vocabulary supports the lyrics, and the message is on-point. It is just silly enough to get your students smiling and tapping their toes. 

EntreCulturas 3, Unidad 4 offers learners a quieter, reflective look at the natural world and sustainability. Actividad 11 asks learners consider how literature can be used to promote sustainability, as they read the poem El río recién nacido, communicate answers to sensory questions, and sketch the imagery of the poem.


Getting a Little Flashy with Picture

You have been asking for them, and here they are! Spice up your lessons with our NEW picture flashcards for EntreCulturas 1 and EntreCulturas 2 that tie to the vocabulary in the Así se dice section of each unidad. Look for them in the Recursos folder in Explorer®. Guess what? You will also find a teacher’s guide with tips and comprehensible-input activity ideas! Anybody up for some flashcard bingo?


It is Nearly Webinar Season!

We are working hard to build a great spring/summer webinar season, just for you. You may have received an email or two about the different series, but if you have not, fear not! Look for all of Wayside's upcoming Web Conferencing Events in the About>Events section of our website. Whether you are wondering how to end your school year or are ready to start thinking about the one to come, we have a webinar to suit your needs!


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Learning Site News

February 2021
02-24-2021  All News, Learning Site, Remote Teaching



How are you celebrating digital learning day?


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Learning Site® News

Updates and practical resources to support language learning and teaching


Happy Digital Learning Day %%first_name%%,


Welcome to the Digital Learning Day edition of the Learning Site® News. What is Digital Learning Day? In this issue, we will explain. We will also provide quick and easy guides to get you up to speed on our latest Learning Site® developments.


  • Digital Learning Day - How DLD resources can help YOU

  • Quick Tip - Reactions save time and acknowledge participation in the Learning Site® Classroom and Discussion Forum

  • Grade Passback Progress - Schoology and Canvas TCC courses can now access Grade Passback Sync! Learn how!


In partnership,


Celebrating Digital Learning Day

In the ten years since Digital Learning Day efforts were kicked off by the Alliance for Excellent Education, remote learning and instruction have evolved by leaps, bounds, and pandemics.


Digital Learning Day is a campaign that grows the network of instructors passionate about improving the online learning landscape. We are particularly excited to nerd out over:


- Tomorrow’s webinar on Future Ready School across the US

- Free resources from diverse subjects, grades, and geographic regions

Why are you fired up about Digital Learning?


Quick Tip – Reactions in Classroom Forum 

Time-Saver Alert! Recognize student participation quickly and consistently, with reactions in Classroom and Discussion Forum. Click to watch this 90-second demo by Instructional Technologist Terra Cowham!


Grade Passback Progress

Grade passback sync (the ability to pass grades back from the Learning Site® to your LMS gradebook) is now available to thousands of Learning Site® teachers!

Available now for: Educators using Canvas TCC, and Schoology TCC

Canvas TCC
Guide pdf (grading on pages 6-8)


Schoology TCC
Guide pdf (grading on pages 9-10)


Need Help?

Stream demos of Learning Site® tools in virtual or blended contexts or read step-by-step strategies with links to activities and authentic resources in the Learning Site® area of our website.


You can also contact us anytime. We are here to help, and always have time for your questions and comments. The conversation you start today may inspire a new resource to be created for the Learning Site® community.


Ya Sabes - February 2021

Spanish Newsletter
02-17-2021  All News, Teacher Resources, Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter

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Plus ways to connect with your peeps


Ya Sabes

Bold Ideas and Practical Resources for Your Language Classroom


Hi educators,


You are constantly looking for just that right resource to reach your students more effectively. And we love helping you find them! In this issue of Ya Sabes, we offer some fresh ideas, a way to connect with your peeps, and a really engaging authentic resource to add to your bag of tricks.


  • EXPERIENCE - When protest and dance come together

  • READ - Wear your MINT-colored glasses in class

  • CONNECT - These Facebook groups say many hands make light work

  • TEACH - A tasty activity to get your students thinking

  • SHARE - We are looking for your voice


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!



Get Ready to Kick Up Your Feet

Brought to you by the public media powerhouse KQED, Ancestors: Bomba is Puerto Rico’s Afro-Latino Dance of Resistance explores this joyous, defiant Afro-Puerto Rican music and dance form. Both mesmerizing and powerful, its expression is its own unique language, in which the dancers lead the conversation with the musicians. We have even included the accompanying dance lesson, so break out your drums and ruffled dresses, and join in!


STEM & World Languages: A Perfect Match!

What is your STEM doing in my language class? Angelika Becker explores the how and why of adding STEM to your world language lessons. She offers unique activity ideas and helpful advice, so put on those MINT-colored glasses, and settle in for this eye-opening blog post.


It Really is a Social Network

Facebook is not just pictures of people’s cats and political posts. Case in point – two fabulous groups designed to help you get more out of EntreCulturas.

Wayside’s Instructional Development team offers on-point ideas and support for all our teachers in On Your Way(side) to Proficiency. There are lots of entries for EntreCulturas, so take a gander at their expert suggestions. And feel free to add to the dialogue. We are in this together!


Spanish Teachers Using EntreCulturas is all about giving each other a boost. They have set up a Google Drive with activities for all levels of EntreCulturas. It gets better when more teachers add their ideas, so as they say, give a little, take a little! Join the conversation.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A Sweet Video! Cristin Bleess, one of our talented instructional strategists, shares this activity for teachers in On Your Way(side) to Proficiency: "When introducing the second essential question for EntreCulturas 4, Unidad 4 (p. 186), ¿Cómo podemos aportar al bienestar de las comunidades?, use this great video from RTVCPlay to get students thinking about neighbors helping neighbors! I think it's a perfect little warm-up activity for starting this section. This video can also be used for any unit on food. Students could identify the different items each neighbor adds to the basket and say what they would add!"


We Are Looking for YOU!

Woot! We love teaming up with Wayside world language educators like YOU! It allows us to connect with you on a deeper level and strengthens our Wayside community. So, if you have a knack for writing for a diverse audience and love sharing advice, tips, reflections, fresh perspectives, and resources, we want to talk to you!

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A Propos - February 2021

French Newsletter
02-10-2021  A Propos - French Newsletter, All News


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Plus the perfect 5-minute exercise break


À propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom


Hi educators,


The winter doldrums have set in, and the pandemic still is not gone. Life is slower than it was a year ago. What is there to do, then, but get a little meta about selfhood!


  • READ - Our blog on Négritude, the 20th-century francophone ideological movement, where self-awareness meets self-expression

  • WATCH - Noires Amériques: Conversations littéraires about diversity, inclusion, and amour propre

  • DO - How about a little self-activity? (Yes, that is really a word, and no, we did not just make it up)

  • TEACH - Well-being, it is more than just the body

  • SHARE - Speaking of self-expression, we are looking for your voice


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you

Bon cours,


Négritude in Francophone Literature and Thought

New on the Blog: What the Harlem Renaissance was to the United States, Négritude was to the greater francophone world. This blog post explores the movement, its founders, and its influence.


Esteemed Author Conversations

Centre de la Francaphonie des Amériques presents: Black Americas: Literary conversations. This amazing series includes five conversations with five well-respected black francophone authors, hosted by Haitian poet and Companion of the Order of Arts and Letters of Quebec, Rodney Saint-Éloi. Discussion topics include racism, feminism, gender, soccer, and other influential writers.


The Perfect 5-Minute Exercise Break for Students and Teachers

Staring at a screen all day can be tiring, but moving around a bit is a great mood and energy booster. Check out this article by Michael Linsin at SmartClassroomManagement.com for some great tips on a quick session that will get the blood pumping and the synapses firing.



Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: A great time to try The Perfect 5-Minute Exercise Break (see above) is during a unit on self-care. Check out the healthy mind, healthy body activity in EntreCultures 2, Unité 5, starting on page 252. It asks students to think about and rate their mental and physical health. With subtopics that range from waking and going to bed, to handling stress and eating healthily, maybe it is an activity we should all try!


We Are Looking for YOU!

Woot! We love teaming up with Wayside world language educators like YOU! It allows us to connect with you on a deeper level and strengthens our Wayside community. So, if you have a knack for blogging and love sharing advice, tips, reflections, fresh perspectives, and resources, we want to talk to you!

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