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September 2020
09-09-2020  Remote Teaching, Learning Site

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Over 100 activities were added into an "Instructional Strategies Toolkit" for Learning Site® educators. Once you log in, click Learning Tools, and open the Instructional Strategies Toolkit. Use the filters in the toolkit to navigate by mode of communication, proficiency level, learning style, and more.


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A Propos - August 2020

French Newsletter
08-15-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, All News, Remote Teaching
5 kick offs to an untraditional school year. Declutter your everything. Make a friend. Subscribe to a Wayside newsletter

A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom

Hi educators,

As you gear up for an unusual school year, we are right there with you offering new ideas to help you along the way.  

  • 5 strategies to kick off a non-traditional school year in a mindful way
  • Declutter your curriculum with resources to channel your inner Kondo
  • Connect on Facebook with EntreCultures educators
What would help you this school year? We'd love to hear from you!

Bon cours,

5 ways to kick off a non-traditional school year 

In the latest blog post on Proficiency Talks, Elena Spathis brings you five easy but mindful ways to build a community in your classroom, introduce yourself to your students, and more!

Why we love it? This quick read offers room to adapt ideas into what makes the most sense for you.

Declutter your mind, declutter your curriculum

Who needs Marie Kondo when you could have Jen Carson and Michelle Olah? Our decluttering duo used classroom experiences, research, and insights from teachers like you to create sanity restoration resources that you can read or view.

Relax and read : In a two-part blog, Michelle and Jen bring you a treasure-trove of ideas for simplifying, staying present, and prioritizing what's important.

Unwind with a webinar : Jen and Michelle recently walked through several scenarios that might require a little decluttering! Special thanks to educators Chris Hayes, Teacher (Upper Arlington) and Christi Gilliland, District Supervisor (Williamson County Schools) for lending their voices to the panel.

Make a new (FaceBook) Friend

Profs de Entre Cultures de Wayside is a FaceBook community started and moderated by teachers who use EntreCultures. It's a great place to share ideas and questions. Many Wayside authors and staff have joined the community and are even known to chime in on conversations now and then!

Thank you to Profs de Entre Cultures moderators for allowing us to spread the news about this grassroots group!

Proficiency Talks is a Facebook community open to educators of all languages and levels. Wade into discussions around pedagogical thinking, interculturality, advocacy, and leadership. Exchange and read resources on self-care and daily issues impacting world language teachers. Nearly 1,000 educators nationwide have joined the conversation, moderated by Wayside's Instructional Development team.

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EntreCultures 3 reimagines intermediate French


July 27, 2020

EntreCultures 3 reimagines intermediate French

Relevant rigor that pushes learners farther

It’s been only a year since the revolutionary EntreCultures 1 and 2 entered French classrooms. Early responses have been so positive that Wayside Publishing has launched level 3 of the program with an expedited online/print release!

EntreCultures 3 offers Level 3 classrooms an unprecedented blend of proficiency-based pedagogy and best practice strategies that align with ACTFL standards, every state’s DOE standards, and correlate with both AP® and IB themes.

For learners, content of EntreCultures 3 could not have arrived at a more appropriate time. Units 1 and 2 revolve around identity and digital citizenship, with relevant subtopics that can support learners in processing the world around them. Students this fall will have opportunities to reflect on how teens’ perspectives and independence have been impacted by recent events, and to research how social media and remote learning have varied across the Francophone world through authentic resources created for teenage French learners, by native French speaking peers.

And of course, all of this communication is transpiring in French! Vocabulary and grammar are taught in context, with communicative tasks that reinforce language meaning, pronunciation, and structure.

For teachers, EntreCultures 1,2,3 have all been updated this summer to include tools that will support remote instruction, classroom delivery, or a blend. New to EntreCultures:

  • Differentiated formative assessments to guide customization to each learner’s progress
  • An Instructional Strategies Toolkit with 100+ activities that can be filtered by proficiency level, communication mode, age appropriateness, learning style, and more
  • A revamped gradebook with improved functionality, faster navigation, and improved viewing
  • A new YouTube channel packed with “how-to” tutorials, Learning Site tips, and more
  • New integration options including nearly any learning management system
  • Practical guides on how to adapt EntreCultures units around COVID-19 disruptions this fall

Experience the cutting-edge EntreCultures today.



EntreCultures 3 giveaway, a success!

In celebration of EntreCultures 3's launch, Wayside gave away the Ultimate French Proficiency Library, consisting of EntreCultures 3, our entire French line, a class set of student subscriptions, and more. Congratulations to our three winners, drawn randomly on August 24th: 

Grand Prize: Claudia McGuigan

Gift bag prize: Erica Boston

EntreCultures 3 Teacher Edition prize: Denise (Jeanne) Miller

EntreCultures is purposeful, pedagogy-aligned, and classroom-tested. 

Review our research base


Ya Sabes - August 2020

Spanish Newsletter
08-04-2020  Ya Sabes - Spanish Newsletter, New Products, Teacher Resources, All News
Explore EntreCulturas 4 and read some of the latest and greatest hits from Proficiency Talks
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Ya sabes

Bold ideas and practical resources for your classroom

Dear educators,

Summer is winding down and we are looking forward to another year of learning—whatever that may look like at your school. We have some great resources to get you ready for what comes next!

  • Catch up on our Poolside Proficiency webinar series
  • Read our latest blog posts on how to recharge and declutter your mind and curriculum  
  • Get to know EntreCulturas 4 and enter our giveaway

The Wayside Publishing Team 

ICYMI: Catch up on Poolside Proficiency

In case you missed it, we just posted the recordings from our Poolside Proficiency webinar series! Catch up on all three webinars at your leisure: 

Let Go to Move Forward  

Declutter your curriculum

Using a Learning Management System to design online learning experiences

Ideas for recharging and decluttering

In a two-part blog series, Jen Carson and Michelle Olah bring you a treasure-trove of ideas for decluttering your mind and your curriculum for the coming school year. To make the most of these blog posts, watch their webinar on the same topic

Are you implementing a proficiency-driven language program in your classroom this year? Learn about the pains and joys from Spanish teachers Elena Giudice and Holly Morse. 

What are you favorite ways to recharge before school starts? Latin teacher Maureen Lamb shares how she is getting ready for the ups and downs of the coming school year. 

EntreCulturas 4 is here!

EntreCulturas 4 is here and we are celebrating! We are giving one lucky educator a chance to win our entire proficiency-based Spanish line!

Grand prize will include:

  • Online and print editions of EntreCulturas 1,2,3,4, Triángulo APreciado and Azulejo
  • A class set of online subscriptions to the Spanish title of your choice!

Exciting runner up prizes include an EntreCulturas 4 gift bag including Spanish classroom readers, and print Teacher Edition of EntreCulturas 4!

Contest ends August 7, 2020.

Get your digital sample of EntreCulturas 4 or our entire Spanish line and see what the buzz is about!


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July 27, 2020

EntreCulturas 4 completes the path to proficiency

Standing out, leading forward

Spanish educators have something to cheer about this summer — EntreCulturas 4 has been released for classroom use! With this latest level in Wayside’s proficiency-based language series, teachers finally have access to an uniterrupted Novice through Advanced Spanish line that is completely proficiency-based and correlated with the 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL standards, and every state standard.

In this first edition of EntreCulturas 4, teachers will encounter the only new Pre-AP® program in Spanish education that combines the best practices of teachers across the proficiency spectrum. From TPRS devotees to C.I. practitioners to grammar advocates, EntreCulturas 4’s teacher-authors understood that there is a time and place for each element, and sequenced authentic-resource centered tasks and assessment in a manner that naturally inspires communicative language practice and retention.

EntreCulturas 4 can be flexibly used with the broad array of Spanish learners including heritage learners with individual perspectives and varying degrees of proficiency in each of the four modalities (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). 

Not only does EntreCulturas 4 included the beloved IPA format, rubrics and strategies that educators have loved in prior levels, but it also includes new assessment and grading features:

  • Differentiated formative assessments can be given as tasks during class, support educators in understanding individual progress, with extension opportunities available to individualize instruction.
  • A new Gradebook in the Learning Site makes assigning and grading a breeze – with integrations to most online learning platforms. (If you use other Wayside products – have no fear – this new gradebook is now available across ALL Wayside titles!)

Building on the communicative proficiency developed through EntreCulturas 1,2,3, EntreCulturas 4 prepares learners with the confidence they need to experiment with their Spanish in the real world and to pursue AP®-level coursework in Triángulo APreciado and Azulejo.

With the entire Spanish line complete, Wayside has been partnering with communities to make sure its resources support learners across the various contexts imposed by COVID-19. Supportive tools include an Instructional Strategies Toolkit in the Learning Site, YouTube tutorials on how to make best practices into daily habits, new Facebook communities where teachers can interact with series creators in real-time, and practical guides on how to adapt EntreCulturas units around COVID-19 disruptions.

Experience the only uninterrupted Spanish path to proficiency for yourself.



EntreCulturas 4 launch giveaway, a success!

In celebration of EntreCulturas 4's launch, Wayside gave away the Ultimate Spanish Proficiency Library, consisting of EntreCulturas 4, our entire Spanish line, a class set of student subscriptions, and more. Congratulations to our three winners, drawn randomly on August 10th: 

Grand Prize: Lucia Philipp,  Salisbury School CT

Gift bag prize: Katherine Menendez, Moore Haven Middle School FL

EntreCulturas 4 Teacher Edition prize: Belen Ramirez, Point Loma High School, CA


EntreCulturas is purposeful, pedagogy-aligned, and classroom-tested. 

Review our research base