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Wayside Publishing is comprised of classroom teachers, district and state supervisors, AP® consultants, school board members, parents, and education technologists.

Led by our Instructional Strategy team, we partner with educators to craft transformative texts and digital tools that foster communication and understanding across cultures.

Our Instructional Development team, listed alphabetically. Click their names to learn more!


Cristin Bleess                         

Instructional Strategist Lead, Trainings





Jennifer Carson


Curriculum Coordinator





Jennifer Cornell


Product Manager

Digital Innovation & Instructional Technology



Terra Cowham               

Instructional Technologist

Helen Small  


Curriculum Coordinator                       



Terri Hammatt                         

Instructional Strategist





Jay Ketner        

Director of Instructional Development






Michelle Olah                       

Instructional Strategist Lead - Professional Development




Kate Sanders                   

Instructional Strategist                                

Carolyn Taylor               

Instructional Strategist





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