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Episode 6, Season 4


We believe that inspired, empathetic learners can change the world. We partner with real educators to craft transformative language learning texts and digital tools that foster communication and understanding across cultures. We are working hard to advocate for language learning and part of that is sharing the stories of teachers who are making a difference. Do you know an amazing teacher who is speaking up about language advocacy or modeling proficiency-driven practices in their classroom? Nominate them today to be featured on the Wayside blog! 

Episode 5, Season 4


Your story matters: We are looking for language teachers like you to share your story about how languages changed your life. How do you inspire your students to make languages a central part of their lives? How has your life changed because of an encounter with a culture? 

We are collecting these stories to show the importance of language education and to make an impact with our advocacy efforts. Join us by recording a video or writing to us. 


Episode 4, Season 4


Can you believe it's October? ACTFL is just around the corner and we are excited to make you a part of our plans for the conference. Vote on a tote bag design that we will produce and hand out at our booth at ACTFL. Don't worry if you can't make the conference: we will also raffle off 5 bags to those who won't be there. So cast your vote now

Episode 3, Season 4


We all know that emotions play a huge role in the way our students acquire language. One of the most effective ways to elicit emotion-driven learning in our language classes is through the universal medium of art. Visit Wayside Publishing's blog, Proficiency Talks, for a great post about incorporating art into language instruction using Salvador Dali and Lady Gaga.

The author of the post, Cecilia Herrera, is a coauthor of Wayside's proficiency-driven Spanish series, EntreCulturas. Sample the first unit of EntreCulturas 4 today! 



We are looking for video and written stories from America's classrooms about the life-changing power of learning a second language. If you have a story to share about your language journey or that of a student, we want to hear from you. Join us as we create a community of language lovers and language advocates. 



"On social media #goals is usually shorthand for: “Wow, I’d really like to do that, too.” As teachers, we are used to setting goals: I want my students to be able to ___ by ___; by December I need to have ___; this year I’m really going to ____; the list goes on. But, what if our goal was, shockingly… to have fewer goals?"

Read this great post by Meredith White on setting realistic goals at the beginning of the school year on our blog, Proficiency Talks. Browse around for other great ideas, classroom strategies, and activities. 

Let us know if you or someone you know would like to write for us!


Did you know you can get a free digital sample of all of our world language textbooks?

When you log into our programs for the first time, make sure to check out the front matter and rubrics at the close of the textbooks. IPAs and Can-Do Statements help both student and teacher track evidence of performance progression, and customizable assignments allow for differentiation. Preview them throughout the summer as you plan your 2019-2020 school year.



Wayside Publishing is excited to offer Inspired Proficiency listeners with free access to all of our online world language textbook titles! Activate your samples here.

This offer includes access to our latest two offerings that will be officially published this summer, EntreCultures 1 and Triángulo APreciado. Now that our educator-authors are releasing these titles into the wild, they'd love your feedback from the field! Please email initial reactions to: listening@waysidepublishing.com




Share your knowledge! Wayside is looking for guest contributors to its blog, Proficiency Talks. Check it out now to see the types of material we're looking for.

Would you like to have your writing featured, or do you know a proficiency-minded language wizard whose insights can't be missed? Tell us who you'd like to see as a blog guest author




We're happy to provide free sample access to any of our online programs for Inspired Proficiency listeners! Take a tour of our authentic resources and tasks in every communication type that explore essential questions, intercultural and communicative can-do statements, and more. Preview teacher tools such as IPA rubrics, student portfolios, and extension options to differentiate across learner types. Activate yours now.




We need international students! Wayside selects native speaker students living in target language countries to record off-the-cuff, non-scripted video blogs about their lives for our programs. We’re currently searching for Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Mandarin speaking teens. If you know someone (with the blessing of their parent or guardian), please let us know. Wayside offers a generous educational stipend to students who join the ranks of Wayside video bloggers. Suggest a vlogger today!




Inspired Proficiency listeners are invited to explore units 1-3 of EntreCultures 1 for novice French learners. Preview essential questions, Can-Do statements, authentic resources, real-world communication practice, vocabulary and grammar reinforcement activities, and more. Activate your online sample now.




Nominate a teacher advocate to be interviewed on the Wayside blog! Do you know a teacher who is spreading awareness and advocating for language learning OR someone who embraces proficiency-based best practices? Nominate them today! 




We are excited to bring you the sixth edition of Triángulo APreciado, the latest edition of this cornerstone program. The new edition provides an in-depth exploration of Spanish language and culture while preserving the intensive AP® preparation features educators have valued in previous versions.  A sneak peek of the nearly-completed online textbook, resources, activities and assessments is available now on the Learning Site. Request your sample access here.

Meet up with us at state and regional teacher conferences like SCOLT coming up this weekend. Check our full conference schedule here




During this episode's presenting sponsor message, Ashley highlighted Wayside Publishing's belief that inspired, empathetic learners can change the world. At Wayside we're constantly sharing content that supports educators and students alike.

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