• Let's Communicate: Using Grammar Effectively book cover

    Let's Communicate

    Grammar Workbook | Elementary - Middle School

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  • A Composition Handbook book cover image

    Composition Handbook, 3rd Edition

    Writing Handbook | Middle School

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  • Wordworks: A Grammar Handbook for the Truly Desperate


    Grammar Workbook | Middle School

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  • How to Study book cover

    How to Study, 3rd Edition

    Study Skills Guide | Middle School

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  • Little Worlds - Short Story Classics Book Cover

    Little Worlds

    Short Story Anthology | Middle and High School

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  • The Portable Writer book cover

    The Portable Writer

    Writing Manual | Middle & High School

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  • Words, Phrases, Clauses : Exercises in English Grammar

    Words, Phrases, Clauses

    Grammar Workbook |  High School

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  • Usage: A workbook for students of English


    Grammar Workbook | High School, Advanced

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  • Writing a Research Paper, 6th Edition

    Writing a Research Paper, 6th Edition

    Scholarly Research and Authorship Guide | High School Advanced

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