Share your story and join Wayside Publishing and the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) in their efforts to engage policymakers across the country and speak up for world language education.

Choose your story:

The five recommendations of the American Languages Report can give you some guidance on how to shape your story. We welcome you to speak from the heart and address a recommendation from your own perspective. 

1) Increase teacher supply

  • What mentor or language teacher inspired you to become a language teacher? 
  • What mentee’s accomplishments are you excited to see in action (in the classroom or the field)?

2) Develop more public-private partnerships

  • What is an example of a public-private partnership that made an impact on your school when it comes to language instruction?
  • How did a partnership revolutionize your classroom?

3) Support heritage language learners

  • What are the positive changes you’ve seen in heritage language learners’ goals, skills, etc., since incorporating a certain practice/strategy/policy that supports this group of learners?
  • What is a negative impact of losing a policy/strategy/practice that supported heritage language learners?
  • As a heritage language learner, how has your (or your students’) understanding of a culture changed in the process of learning the language? 

4) Revitalize Native American languages

  • How has revitalizing Native American language programs positively impacted your community of learners (or one learner in particular)?
  • Describe your learner, classroom or community that does not have access to Native American language education. How would revitalizing a Native American language create a positive change?

5) Increase study abroad opportunities

  • Did a specific place or travel inspire you to learn or teach a language?
  • Has traveling abroad changed your perspective on language and culture?
  • Describe a student’s journey that was impacted by a study abroad experience.


Record your story:

  • Turn your phone horizontal
  • Have the camera close to you for visual impact and great audio
  • Make sure your scene has plenty of light
  • Try to avoid reading from a script
  • Keep it loose and share how you feel
  • Keep your audience riveted by sticking to the details
  • Avoid identifying information about specific individuals - use a substitute name or nickname when describing youth
  • Suggested length is 30 seconds - 3 minutes
  • Have fun!


Upload your story:

Use the form below to upload your video. Add a message if you have any comments, or if you'd prefer to submit a written story (250 word max). Need help? Contact us.