At Wayside we believe it's important to show up and take a stand on issues that matter. And to us, advocating for language learning matters.

We invite you to join us as we speak up for languages by creating a community of teachers and learners who can make an impact on policies around access to language education. 

Your stories will become the part of an archive and might be featured at ACTFL to promote the benefits and joys of world language learning and teaching.

So what should I say?

  • Languages are global and personal. Speak from the heart.
  • Tell us about your language journey, or the impact a world language had on your life. (Were you a reluctant language learner? Did a special teacher change how you felt about languages? Did you grow up speaking a different language?) 
  • Share stories from your classroom.
  • For more ideas, you can review the five recommendations of the American Languages Report.

Looking for some inspiration? Watch some example videos below!


Tips for recording your story:

  • Turn your phone horizontal
  • Have the camera close to you for visual impact and great audio
  • Make sure your scene has plenty of light
  • Try to avoid reading from a script
  • Keep it loose and share how you feel
  • Keep your audience riveted by sticking to the details
  • Avoid identifying information about specific individuals - use a substitute name when describing youth
  • Suggested length is 30 seconds - 3 minutes
  • Have fun!

Let's get started!