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  • EntreCulturas 4 completes the path to proficiency

    EntreCulturas 4 has arrived, officially creating a complete path to Spanish proficiency! The result is an unmatched experience for Spanish educators, and increased engagement for the broadest spectrum of Spanish learners.

    Celebrate with us
  • Poolside Proficiency on demand!

    Over 500 teachers joined instructional strategists, classroom teachers, and textbook authors to talk about planning for next year, using technology to design instruction, and more. If you missed any of the sessions, have no fear - you can watch the recordings here.

  • Songs & activities for Spanish learners

    Browse a new library of song-based activities for Spanish learners. They are designed to be posted via a discussion forum like the Wayside's Learning Site Classroom Forum or Google Classroom.  Activities for each song can be posted ...



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