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  • EntreCultures Series in Development

    First Unit now available to preview online!

    The standards-based EntreCultures program is all about teaching French language and culture to novice to intermediate students through the lens of interculturality. Students discover appropriate ways to interact with others whose perspectives may be different from their own by exploring the lives of real people from the entire francophone world...

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  • 5 Strategies To Create Meaning In Learning Vocabulary

    Part I of our Acquiring Vocabulary post series!

    "Through his research, Robert Marzano outlines five strategies that use non-linguistic representations to assist learners in acquiring content. Let’s take a look at the five strategies applied to the learning of vocabulary in context."

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  • 9 Strategies For Using Graphic Organizers 

    Part II of our Acquiring Vocabulary post series!

    "Let’s take a closer look at creating and using graphic organizers to support vocabulary acquisition. We can’t wear out the use of graphic organizers – there are so many variations.  Here are just a few that we use in our new EntreCulturas 1, 2, 3 series that you may adapt..."

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