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  • EntreCultures series in development

    First Unit now available to preview online!

    EntreCultures delivers a proficiency-driven, performance-based French language and culture program. Created using backwards design, units center around essential questions and facilitate language acquisition through practical application and discovery...

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  • Unit planning over the summer?

    Check out our 2 part blog series, Introducing the unit

    "Planning a unit is like developing the script of a James Bond film. That opening scene starts off with a bang! The viewer is immediately thrust into a high-powered action thriller... That’s how I want learners to experience each unit of study in my classes." - Deborah Espitia

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  • Countdown to AATF!

    Dr. Elizabeth Zwanziger, Instructor at University of Iowa and Wayside Publishing author, will be presenting at AATF 2018 in Martinique. Check out why she's excited about immigration on the future of French language education!

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