Author Spotlight: Brittany Goings

Brittany Goings is a co-author of APprenons 2nd Edition. She is a French Teacher at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado.

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We recently had the opportunity to ask Brittany a few questions about herself and teaching. Here's what she had to say: 

What advice would you have for a novice teacher?

Reach out to people around you even if they don't speak or teach the same language as you. Other teachers can help you succeed both in connecting with students and creating activities that work well with each other.

What are the most important skills students should learn?

Between the internet and social media, students are always taking in much more information than they can process. It's important that they learn to think critically so that they can make informed decisions about all of it.

What's your biggest struggle as a teacher?

Getting kids to get off their phones.

What aspect of your teaching are you constantly working to improve–and how do you do it?

I'm always redoing everything! With the way that technology is moving and changing, I'm always reconsidering how I'm teaching, while not necessarily changing what I'm teaching. I constantly access how new tools and resources can help my students make connections in the classroom and across the ocean.

In eight words or less, what is your favorite part of teaching languages?

Watching students make connections.