WeAreTeachers spotlights EntreCulturas

EntreCulturas authors interviewed on intercultural communicative competence

WeAreTeachers Senior Editor Stacy Tornio recently interviewed teacher-authors from our EntreCulturas team for an in-depth article "8 Ways Interculturality Can Change the Way Students Learn a Language."

EntreCulturas aims to effectively teach intercultural communicative competence starting at the novice level.

8 Ways Interculturality Can Change the Way Students Learn a Language

Discover the power of interculturality and how it can make a big difference in how you teach culture and language in your classroom.

If you teach a foreign language, chances are you incorporate activities, songs and TV shows from other cultures into your lessons. Language and culture go hand in hand after all, and nothing makes a lesson come alive like real-world examples of vocabulary in action.

But when it comes to teaching culture in the foreign language classroom, some experts say we are only skimming the surface. These experts argue that our entire approach to world languages should come through the lens of “interculturality,” rather than picking a cultural snippet that matches a particular vocabulary list, for example...

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