Author Spotlight: John McMullan

John McMullan is the co-author of Triángulo Aprobado and provided the vision for Triángulo Apreciado. He has taught AP® Spanish Language and Literature and is currently teaching at the Millbrook School in New York. He is a consultant for College Board and participates as a leader in the correction of the spoken portion of the AP® Spanish Language Exam. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, gardening, and an occasional asado. 

John McMullenWe recently had the opportunity to ask John a few questions about himself and teaching. Here's what he had to say:

What advice would you give a veteran AP® teacher?

Keep the barriers to AP® access low, but the bar of expectation just high enough to motivate the best angel in each of your students. The Spanish AP® program is not for just the highly successful, it is for all those students who want the special experience you offer in you class whether they be facile with the language or not. The intellectual expectations that your experience can bring to the lives of your students will create life-long habits of mind and conscience.

What are you reading right now and what are you learning?

I have been reading articles about the importance of melding cultural diversities to produce new cultural commonalities. The cultures of Latin America are filled with the beautifulness of syncretism. From art to politics, the importance of this cultural phenomenon is a hallmark of the Americas. We should all be proud of those who open us to these cultural inevitabilities and reject those who would blind us to our humanity.

What's the nicest thing a student has said to you?

¡Tenga un buen día, profe!

What's the biggest challenge in teaching AP® Spanish and how do the Triángulo books address that challenge?

The biggest challenge is to figure out how to meet the demands of the World Languages and Cultures curriculum proposed by the College Board for the AP® exam. But we believe we met (and exceeded) the challenge.