Apple, iPads, and audio recording

World languages publisher solves industry challenge, brings audio recording to iPads

Freeport, Maine—Wayside Publishing, a leader in world languages textbook publishing, has released a new iOS app for enrolled users of its newly redesigned online learning management system, the Learning Site.

iPad and iPhone app

“We have received rave reviews of our newly launched Learning Site, however, Apple’s decision not to allow access to the microphone from a browser on the iPad meant many of our one-to-one technology schools were unable to access the full functionality of the Learning Site,” Wayside Publishing President Greg Greuel said.

Greuel’s solution was an iOS app that makes available all the functions and features of the Learning Site on the iPad and iPhone—including voice recording activities.

“Now all of our customers can experience the wonders of the Learning Site,” Greuel said.

The free app is available in the App Store and through iTunes now.

Once users have created their accounts and are enrolled in their courses through a browser on their device or computer, they can use the app to do everything else, IT Manager Deb Penham explained.

Currently enrolled users can download the app and log in right away.

“We are so proud and excited to offer this to our customers,” Penham said.

In December, Wayside Publishing completely redesigned the Learning Site, creating a fully-responsive, clutter-free experience for students and teachers. New features include notifications, student invitations, and grading enhancements. Building and managing the Learning Site in-house also allows Wayside to update and add new features easily and quickly.

Through independent and collaborative language learning tools, students using the Learning Site can practice all modes of communication at their own pace and within their own comfort zones, 24/7.

Teachers get the tools they need to provide personalized attention and precise feedback to students.

Learn more about the app and instructions for how to get started here.