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Poolside Proficiency Summer Webinars

05-29-2019  All News, Events, Featured Post

You are invited to register early for our summer webinar series and explore how you can implement proficiency-driven strategies in your classroom.

With EntreCulturas for Spanish and EntreCultures for French as our guides, our Wayside Instructional Strategy team will be live with jampacked sessions covering topics and tools that will take your language instruction to the next level.

The basics: What does a proficiency-driven language program look like? 
June 11, 2:30 p.m. ET

Let's discuss interculturality, using vocabulary and grammar in context, unit goals, essential questions, authentic resources, measuring students’ performance, and much more with our French and Spanish programs as our guide.

Authentic resources: Where to find them, how to use them
June 13, 2:30 p.m. ET

Authentic resources can be used to build vocabulary and language structures. We'll share some strategies on how to use these resources to teach vocabulary and grammar in context and keep instructors and students in the target language.

Beyond traditional testing: IPAs and rubrics
June 25, 2:30 p.m. ET

Explore types of formative and summative performance-based assessments, and holistic and analytic rubrics. Connections will be made to how assessments can evaluate student language usage in culturally authentic contexts.

Integrating technology: Online tools to support your instruction
June 27, 2:30 p.m. ET

Digital textbooks, grading and feedback tools, online classroom forums and more—take our Learning Site for a spin and receive free access for further exploration after the webinar.

Register early for all four webinars with just one click!

National Foreign Language Week 2019

Celebrate foreign languages with students from across the country
03-04-2019  All News, Events

National Foreign Language Week was first celebrated in the spring of 1957 by Alpha Mu Gamma, the first and largest national collegiate foreign language honor society. 

President Dwight D. Eisenhower endorsed the event in 1956, and each succeeding president has added his support. An even greater contribution to the success of NFLW was made by the posters of the late Bruce Russell, who received not only the Pulitzer Prize but also recognition from President Eisenhower for his efforts toward greater world understanding through his timely cartoons. He offered the Society a cartoon each year until his death in 1963, and even left one finished drawing and an unfinished sketch that were used in 1964 and 1966 respectively. 

Read more about the history of National Foreign Language Week

Celebrate this week by helping your students stay in the target language in your Spanish classroom. Download our free poster for helpful words and expressions! 


We had a chance to speak with some students during Language Advocacy Day recently. Here is John Neumann from Naples, Florida, talking about the importance of language learning and advocacy: 


University of Florida student Taylor Doyle talked about how learning Spanish changed her life: 


Language Advocacy Day recap

03-01-2019  All News, Events

Take a look at all of the amazing educator-advocates we met at Language Advocacy Day recently. For more information on how you can be an advocate for world languages locally and nationally, visit the Joint National Committee for Languages website. 



Speak up for languages

02-06-2019  All News, Events, Featured Post

Language Advocacy Day is February 14-15 in Washington, D.C., and here at Wayside we have been thinking about the many ways we can all advocate for the teaching and learning of languages.

Organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL), Language Advocacy Day brings together professionals from all over the United States concerned about the state of language learning in this country. 

If you can't make it to Washington, join us on Twitter using #speakupforlanguages and tell us why you think world languages are important and how you speak up for language education in your community. We will be sharing some of our thoughts next week as well, so be sure to follow @WaysidePublish.

Need ideas on how to be a language advocate? The JNCL website offers great resources on contacting your local representatives and connecting with other language professionals. 




See you at NECTFL 2019

01-29-2019  All News, Featured Post, Events

Wayside staff at NECTFL 2018We are packing our bags and heading to New York City next week for this year's NECTFL Conference. We hope to see you at booth #1000 where we will be showing off our latest language programs for French and Spanish learners, giving away free digital samples, and answering all of your questions about our textbooks and online resources.

Catch a session by our instructional specialists and some of our distinguished authors for the latest and greatest thinking in the field of language instruction: 

Thursday, February 7

Grammar as a Concept in Context

Deborah Espitia and Jay Ketner
Sutton South
1:30-4:30 p.m. 

Wonder how to start down the path to teaching grammar in context? Debbie and Jay have the answer: by using authentic resources, authentic tasks, and a process of discovery. This interactive workshop will guide participants through the process of creating grammar in context lessons, accessing authentic resources, and much more!

Friday, February 8

A Better Way to Vocabulary Acquisition
Jay Ketner
Americas Hall 2-1
Session 2

Core practices are revealing that show-and-tell does not get at the heart of vocabulary acquisition. In this sessions, Jay will examine five instructional strategies tand 15 applications that build vocabulary in context in the target language. 

Bridging the High School-College Gap with Authentic Materials
Cynthia Chalupa, Christopher Gwin
Session 3

High school teachers provide a rigorous learning space to prepare students for the AP exam and college study, but often do not know how their students' college-prep work will affect their academic experience once they reach university. A key to student success at both levels lies in understanding and facilitating the transition between high school and college through articulated curricula that focus on authentic texts. 

Saturday, February 9

Taking the First Step Toward 90% Target Language Use

Deborah Espitia
Rhinelander South
Session 10

Immersing students in the target language, and sustaining that language use, is key for moving them along the path to proficiency. The first step is making sure that we use the language at least 90% of the time as wel conduct our classes. Debbie will explore strategies for increasing teacher use of the target language in various facets of instruction. 

Energizing Your Curriculum with Authentic Materials
Ed Weiss
Americas Hall 2-4
Session 10

What is the most engaging the dynamic part of your curriculum? We know that teaching vocabulary and language structures are essential, but when it comes to creating passionate learners, the resources that accomplish that are the songs, ads, videos, podcasts, and all of the other authentic materials that make language come alive. This workshop is for teachers of any language, any level, and will feature strategies on how to find authentic resources and how to share them with students. 


Not going to NECTFL? See our full schedule for spring language conferences around the country!