Wayside News - June 2021

06-16-2021  All News, Learning Site

Ideas to foster social justice learning

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Proficiency Insider

Bold ideas and practical resources for your language classroom

Hello educators,


Equity, inclusion, opportunity. As a company, Wayside strives to advance these conditions in the workplace, in the classroom, and in our communities. Our mission of fostering communication and understanding across borders is not limited to world cultures. The Proficiency Insider offers you resources to explore social justice themes – by yourself, and with your students. In this issue:


  • CONSIDER - inquiry-based social justice learning

  • BROADEN - your students' horizons with activities and videos

  • EXPLORE - some important new Learning Site® classroom resources

  • TAKE - a free test drive


What would you like to see in a future issue? We would love to hear from you!

Happy teaching!


Inquiry-based Social Justice Learning

It can be daunting to figure out how to include social justice themes in the classroom. These are important topics, and you want to give them the attention they merit, but how does one begin? Learning by Inquiry is a website devoted to inquiry-based learning, with articles and activities on all sorts of subjects. The article Using Inquiry to Teach Social Justice in the Classroom discusses ways to incorporate inquiry-based social justice learning and provides practical resources to help you get started.


Incorporating Social Justice Activities in the Classroom

Talking to a more experienced colleague is a great way to find classroom resources. It might be a bit more challenging to find a teacher with extensive experience teaching about social justice, so we found one for you! If you are a member of ACTFL, check out the webinar One Classroom, Many Experiences: Incorporating Social Justice into the World Language Classroom, hosted by Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither. And if you are not yet an ACTFL member, her webinar alone is enough reason to join! Dr. Hines-Gaither’s webinar provides insight into topics like global racism, feminism, culture, and slavery. It is well worth your time to view.

In case you are not able to access Dr. Hines-Gaither’s webinar, here are some resources she references:

  • Circles of My Multicultural Self, from the Critical Multicultural Pavilion, is a great activity to foster learners’ awareness of what they consider the most important aspects of themselves.
  • Trevor Noah has been a guest on The Daily Show, and his segment, Spot the Africa, challenges preconceived notions about Africa and the United States. It is a great discussion opener for more mature students.
  • Harvard University’s Project Implicit helps users explore their hidden biases relating to political parties, race, class, gender, and others.
  • A beautiful film entitled They Are We tells of a family torn apart by the transatlantic slave trade who are unexpectedly reunited 170 years later.


Social Justice Correlations: Today’s students are more aware than ever of the people and events of the larger world. And you understand the value of including real-life themes, including social justice, as a component of your lessons. We agree! Wayside has published social justice correlations for the EntreCulturas and EntreCultures series. They are located in Explorer® in the Teacher Resource folders.

EntreCulturas Social Justice Correlation

View ECS Correlation

EntreCultures Social Justice Correlation

View ECF Correlation

Social-Emotional Learning Correlations: Social justice and social and emotional learning (SEL) go hand in hand. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) conducts research and analysis on SEL educational needs in the classroom and has developed conclusions and recommendations for supporting transformative SEL.


Wayside has just published CASEL 5 SEL correlations for our EntreCulturas and EntreCultures series. They are located in Explorer® in the Teacher Resource folders. Use them in conjunction with, or separately from, the Wayside Social Justice correlations, for a truly transformative classroom experience!


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Learning Site News

February 2021
02-24-2021  All News, Learning Site, Remote Teaching



How are you celebrating digital learning day?


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Learning Site® News

Updates and practical resources to support language learning and teaching


Happy Digital Learning Day %%first_name%%,


Welcome to the Digital Learning Day edition of the Learning Site® News. What is Digital Learning Day? In this issue, we will explain. We will also provide quick and easy guides to get you up to speed on our latest Learning Site® developments.


  • Digital Learning Day - How DLD resources can help YOU

  • Quick Tip - Reactions save time and acknowledge participation in the Learning Site® Classroom and Discussion Forum

  • Grade Passback Progress - Schoology and Canvas TCC courses can now access Grade Passback Sync! Learn how!


In partnership,


Celebrating Digital Learning Day

In the ten years since Digital Learning Day efforts were kicked off by the Alliance for Excellent Education, remote learning and instruction have evolved by leaps, bounds, and pandemics.


Digital Learning Day is a campaign that grows the network of instructors passionate about improving the online learning landscape. We are particularly excited to nerd out over:


- Tomorrow’s webinar on Future Ready School across the US

- Free resources from diverse subjects, grades, and geographic regions

Why are you fired up about Digital Learning?


Quick Tip – Reactions in Classroom Forum 

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Grade Passback Progress

Grade passback sync (the ability to pass grades back from the Learning Site® to your LMS gradebook) is now available to thousands of Learning Site® teachers!

Available now for: Educators using Canvas TCC, and Schoology TCC

Canvas TCC
Guide pdf (grading on pages 6-8)


Schoology TCC
Guide pdf (grading on pages 9-10)


Need Help?

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You can also contact us anytime. We are here to help, and always have time for your questions and comments. The conversation you start today may inspire a new resource to be created for the Learning Site® community.


Wayside News - October 2020

10-07-2020  All News, Heritage Language Learners, Remote Teaching, Teacher Resources, Learning Site, The Wayside Way, Assessment


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Including Tips for Your Virtual Open House!


Proficiency Insider

Bold ideas and practical resources for your language classroom


Hi educators,


Welcome to the fall edition of the Proficiency Insider, your go-to source for taking language instruction to the next level. Join us as we dive into virtual back-to-school nights, remote feedback and assessment tools, and online Hispanic Heritage Month resources. In this issue::


  • READ – yesterday’s blog on virtual back-to-school nights
  • WATCH – our videos on remote assessment resources
  • EXPLORE – online Hispanic Heritage Month resources from University of Oregon and UT Austin
  • REQUEST – Wayside's instant 30-day full content review


What would help you this school year? We would love to hear from you!


Happy Teaching!


The Wayside Publishing Team


Four Ideas for Parents Night, Pandemic Style

New on the Blog: We are all familiar with back-to-school nights at the start of the year. Typically, they are opportunities to share basic information about our classes and meet our students’ families. This year, just like everything else, it is going to look a bit different. Here are four ideas to help make your virtual event as engaging as possible.


Featured Videos - Remote Assessment Resources

Top 4 Reasons to Use Performance Assessments - Performance assessments promote continued learning and self-reflection. While a test may be an efficient way to gather evidence about what learners know, a performance assessment is a better tool for gathering evidence about what learners can do with their knowledge. In this video, Wayside Instructional Strategist Deborah Espitia takes a look at why performance assessments are critical for world language proficiency, and how learners can take charge of their learning.


Assessment and Feedback that Lead to Continued Learning - For Learning Site educators, Wayside's Instructional Strategists Cristin Blees and Michelle Olah present this webinar on delivering performance based assessments through the Learning Site in a virtual environment. Emphasis is placed on giving targeted feedback through performance-based tasks. Step-by-step instructions, with visual examples live in the Learning Site, should support you in following along within your own Explorer course.


Learning Site Distance Learning - In this tailored walk through of the Learning Site, Wayside's Jen Cornell highlights the distance learning tools that will support you in providing equitable, engaging experiences to distance learners.


Artwork by Celestino Deleyto Alcalá, 2012

Online Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Empowering Learners of Spanish is an open educational resource developed by University of Oregon faculty, including Director of Language Instruction Robert Davis, who co-authored Wayside’s own EntreCulturas 1. Certified by UT Austin’s COERLL, Empowering Learners of Spanish offers a variety of resources for heritage learners, as well as students learning Spanish as a second language.


Hispanic Heritage belongs in EVERY month. COERLL at UT Austin is hopefully a resource known to educators of Spanish, but we wanted to give a shout out this month specifically to their team for their continued efforts behind the COERLL newsletter that delivers new professional development options and resources, year-round.


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A Propos - September 2020

French Newsletter
09-23-2020  A Propos - French Newsletter, All News, Remote Teaching, Teacher Resources, Learning Site, Grading

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A propos

Bold ideas and practical resources for your French classroom


Hi educators,


As you continue to find the most efficient and learner-centric way to teach French in a changed environment, we have compiled some resources to support you.


  • Explore exclusive remote learning & teaching tools

  • Binge watch the three custom video playlists for French educators

  • Read our brand new blog post - 5 technology tools to try in the 2020-2021 school year

  • Learn about our latest Learning Site® enhancements and improvements


We would be remiss not to give a congratulatory shout out to our winners of last month’s French Proficiency Library Giveaway: Claudia McGuigan, Erica Boston, and Denise Miller. We hope to offer a similar giveaway later this school year. What would be your dream prize? We would love to hear from you!


Bon cours,


The Wayside Publishing Team


Exclusive Remote Learning & Teaching Tools

Relax and read: Videos and articles to remind you to breath, and a collection of free resources you can download and utilize in lessons next week!


Our top recommendations from the Wayside YouTube Channel

They are like potato chips, bet you can't eat just one! We’ve compiled three video playlists for binge-watching at your convenience.

EntreCultures Playlist –Demos for French educators of how to use every section of the program, including Learning Site® tools connected to EntreCultures features.


Best Practices in Proficiency Playlist – In just one hour, this collection of brief point-by-point videos provide a primer on some of the most important proficiency principles.

Learning Site  Knowledge Base Playlist – Let’s talk tech! Browse a playlist of tips and tutorials curated for educators that will help you maximize your Learning Site® experience.

Learning Site Newsletter

September 2020
09-09-2020  Remote Teaching, Learning Site

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