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The Learning Site connects teachers and students to all digital resources and products, from Explorer (online course materials) to FlexText® online textbooks. 

Through Explorer's independent and collaborative language learning tools, students can practice all modes of communication at their own pace and in their own comfort zones 24/7.

Plus, each Explorer course provides the tools teachers need to provide the personalized attention and precise feedback students require.


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To maximize the benefits of products on the Learning Site, you and each of your students have your own Learning Site accounts.

To set up a course for your students now, go to learningsite.waysidepublishing.com, click Sign Up, and follow the directions to register.

Purchase additional subscriptions in our online store by clicking on the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner of your screen, or give us a call in the office. We can easily customize multi-year orders to meet your program’s needs.

Access codes can only be used once. Once a code is used to enroll a student into a course, it is no longer valid. Codes that have never been used to enroll a student into a course will not expire.

Already enrolled? Log into the Learning Site here.