Your digital course materials

Explorer houses authentic resources, activities, assessments, a grade book, class forums, and more. These materials, curated specifically for each title, help educators and learners get the most from their learning program. 


  • Add students to your course roster by sending them invitations to Explorer from the Learning Site.
  • Once created and enrolled, access your Explorer course through the Learning Site iOS app and do your work on the go!
  • Access expansion activities that can be assigned to your entire class or to specific learners.
  • Offer tasks in all modes of communication, including additional interpersonal tasks via online writing and recorded speaking opportunities.
  • Deliver feedback, with the option to record or write comments. The Notification Center on the Learning Site lets you know when your students complete their work in Explorer, and alerts students as soon as you’ve graded an assignment.
  • Grading Enhancements: Add feedback and assess each quiz question response without opening each question in Explorer. Automatic grading is available where appropriate.
  • New for EntreCulturas and EntreCultures: online student portfolios follow learners from unit to unit, level to level. Students can upload evidence of what they can do in the language, reflect on their progress related to Can-Do Statements, and set goals.

If you need help with the Learning Site or Explorer, email support@waysidepublishing.com or call (888) 302-2519.

For detailed instructions on getting started with Explorer and the Learning Site, go to How to Start.

1Codes may only be used once and expire 1 year after activation. Used books may contain expired codes.