More than a digital textbook


FlexText® doesn’t play by the same rules as paper textbooks because it doesn’t have to. Responsive design means that the information you’re viewing perfectly fits your screen. Notebook, tablet, or smartphone, the pages of your textbook are reimagined for an optimal, digital reading experience.



  • Responsiveness: When reading in FlexText®, the display adjusts to whatever screen you’re using, whether iPhone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Seamless updating: Your content is always the most current version available—no more version numbers, updates, or ISBN changes.
  • Once purchased and activated on a web browser, you can access your FlexText® titles through the Learning Site iOS app and work with your book on the go!

If you need technical help with FlexText®, email support@waysidepublishing.com or call (888) 302-2519.