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We kept it simple. This tip sheet describes some straightforward ways you can utilize the Learning Site® with remote students. What tips and tricks have you already mastered? What would you like to brush up on?

If you're like us (human), there is bound to be a function or strategy you'd like to learn more about. We've created the resources below to help you grow.


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Our blog Proficiency Talks shares weekly lessons learned in the field on a variety of profiency-oriented topics. Here are the latest that support remote instruction. Subscribe to the blog for weekly insights shared straight to your inbox!

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Bring On the Free Stuff   

We are excited to bring you a library of activities and resources, designed primarily for French and Spanish classrooms, compliments of Wayside Publishing.


New Tools in the Learning Site®

This summer, over 100 activities were added into an Instructional Strategies Toolkit for Learning Site® educators. Once you log in, click Learning Tools, and open the Instructional Strategies Toolkit. Use the filters in the toolkit to navigate by mode of communication, proficiency level, learning style, and more.