Rostering with Wayside Publishing in the Learning Site solves a district or school’s need to securely and reliability exchange student, course, and related enrollment information between a district/school’s platform (e.g., student information system, SIS) and the Learning Site.   


The Learning Site supports the following teacher and student roster data integrations: 


Clever Secure Sync
Customers using Clever Secure Sync will get:

  • Streamlined setup and deployment through a direct integration with your student information system (SIS)
  • Secure data transfer through Clever’s portal
  • No extra cost

OneRoster® 1.1
Customers using OneRoster® 1.1 will get:

  • Standardized data transfer
  • Secure data transfer through spreadsheet-style CSV templates
  • No extra cost


Single Sign-On (SSO) is also available. Email us to learn more about our supported SSO solutions.


Do you have question about an application not listed above, or are you seeking insights about your existing roster integration with the Learning Site? Reach out to our technical support team by emailing or calling (888) 302-2519.